Read the Irving Police Department's Emails on Teenage Clock-Maker Ahmed Mohamed 

There are more than 200 pages of emails about Ahmed Mohamed.

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It’s been a little more than a month since 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested at MacArthur High School in Texas after authorities thought his homemade clock was a bomb. Now, we’re getting an inside look at some of the emails sent by the Irving Police Department about Mohamed following the September 14 incident.

There are 230 pages of emails that have been released so far to Motherboard under the Texas Public Information Act. We sifted through the documents and collected some of the most interesting emails.

Here’s the initial email between Mohamed family friend Anthony Bond and Irving School District Superintendent Jose Parra the day after Mohamed’s arrest:

The department was then flooded with information requests as well as criticism of their conduct. Police Captain Jonathan Timpf forwarded a critical note with the ominous comment: “And so it begins.”

Indeed “it” did begin. The Irving Police Department was barraged with threats in the days following the arrest.

Apparently Anonymous Orange County even got in on the critical emails, exclaiming: “He said that it was a clock. How much more ‘forthcoming’ does he need to be? It was a clock!”

Another harsh email elicited two different responses from the same official, forwarded to two different colleagues including messages like “Wow. Are you surviving down there?” and “Wow!!! I hate Wednesdays too.”

After only a few days of receiving emails like these, it looks like at least one person in the department was fed up with everything.

Weeks later, just after visiting the White House for Astronomy Night, Mohamed announced that he would be moving to Qatar to continue his education. Officials at the Irving Police Department had plenty to say about Mohamed’s move. (If you couldn’t already tell by the subject line “Wow. Just wow,” these emails are full of snark.)

Perhaps the most critical email of all — from within the Irving Police Department, no less — that says: “This is what happens when we (IPD) screw something up [… ] That thing didn’t even look like a bomb. And now, the kids is being made into a hero. And, the city is going to pay big for this one. He won’t need a scholarship to MIT.”

Lastly, we know that the clock is still floating around the police department — safe for now — “in the likely event” they are sued. Ahmed confirmed on October 19 that he still has not picked up the clock due to his busy schedule over the past several weeks.

Check out the rest of the emails here:

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