Beta Registration Open for Epic Games' New Epic Game 'Paragon'

From the makers of 'Gears of War' comes something new. That's all we know.

Paragon is a game coming in 2016 from renowned game studio Epic, and good luck figuring out what it’s about. It’s shrouded in a J.J. Abrams-style mystery box. It’ll involve soldiers and guns. Anything else is a wild guess.

There are “five heroes” waiting to be unlocked. We’re introduced to the first, a handsome white guy with a gun named Twinblast. Is it his weapon or his name? Who knows! And he’s handsome and he’s a guy. Paragon is really breaking ground here. Here’s his trailer:

The others will be unlocked periodically from now until exactly a month from now, December 3. After that, there are two more MYSTERIES waiting to be seen.

How much you want to bet that “Sparrow” is some pseudo western/outlaw/Native American warrior? Deker was also the name of a Power Rangers villain. Is Epic making a gritty Power Rangers game? Who knows! It could be just as likely at this point!

What you can expect is a different play experience from others when the beta launches in 2016. Visiting Paragon’s official website allows you to choose Twinblade in different variations:

  • “Fight For Glory”
  • “Fight For Pride”
  • “Fight For Fortune”
  • “Fight For Infamy”

Choosing one will give you a different in-game item that you don’t even know about until, again, the beta begins next year. So right now you’re just going off whatever sounds cool.

Epic Games made Unreal Tournament and the successful Unreal engine used by other developers, but they also made Gears of War, and that’s why Paragon should be on the radar even though Gears of War creative director Cliff Bleszinski hasn’t been with the company the last few years.

Paragon will be available for the PC “in early 2016.”

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