A New 'Star Trek' Series Is Coming in January 2017

The influential sci-fi series is boldly returning to television, sort of.

CBS Networks

Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and the celebration will culminate with Star Trek Beyond, the third in Paramount’s reboot movie franchise. But it gets better. Per Variety, a new Star Trek series will premiere in January 2017 on the digital subscription network CBS All Access.

Led by Alex Kurtzman, the co-writer of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, the new series will be available exclusively on CBS’ digital subscription channel.

“There is no better time to give ‘Star Trek’ fans a new series than on the heels of the original show’s 50th anniversary celebration,” said president of CBS Television Studios David Stapf. “Everyone here has great respect for this storied franchise, and we’re excited to launch its next television chapter in the creative mind and skilled hands of Alex Kurtzman, someone who knows this world and its audience intimately.”

Rumors of a new Trek series circulated the internet over the summer but exclusivity to CBS’ online network is a little unexpected. The new untitled show will also just miss the actual 50th anniversary of Star Trek, September 8. It is unknown what continuity of Star Trek lore Kurtzman’s show will contain.

Star Trek Beyond will be released on July 22, 2016 from Paramount. It will be the first in the new film franchise to not be directed by J.J. Abrams, who helmed the two previous entries. Abrams was replaced by Justin Lin of the Fast & Furious series.

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