Flash Floods Cause School Lockdowns, Evacuations in Austin, Texas

Austinites have taken to the internets to share photos and video of the crazy weather.

knucklesnow / YouTube

Some Austin, Texas residents are being evacuated and sent to higher ground in the midst of intense rain and floods.

Heavy rainfall has overwhelmed Onion Creek, and as of Friday morning the water was 6 feet above flood level.

Many schools are in lockdown — students and teachers are not permitted to leave, and parents have been notified to stay away, according to The Statesman. More than 5,000 people are without power. Flights are being diverted from the airport.

With nothing much to do but stay put and hunker down, some residents are keeping busy sharing epic photos and video on Twitter and Instagram.

Cars have been abandoned on local highways, with emergency crews doing their best to reach stranded passengers.

If you’re wondering if this has something to do with Hurricane Patricia, that super storm that thankfully spared Mexico most of the feared damage, the answer is no.

Patricia’s tail end brought heavy rains to Texas earlier this week, but has since moved on to the Atlantic.

Be safe, Austin.