The 'Destiny' Halloween Celebration Shows Bungie Can Have Fun Too

In the year of 'The Taken King,' Bungie goes deep with the fun.


Destiny players logged into the game this week to a spooktacular surprise: The inaugural Festival of the Lost. A two-week-long party lasting from October 26 until November 9, Destiny will be treating players to special loot drops and Rare and Legendary items along with cosmetic goodies available through Eververse.

Compared to last year’s ho-hum themed items, the “festival” is a sign that Bungie is finally having fun. The Taken King’s overall success must have allowed them to relax a little.

To participate in the festival, simply log into the game. You’ll be directed towards the Tower to talk to Tess Everis and Eva Levante. The Tower will be decorated with lights, paper lanterns, and eerie sounds emanating from the distance while all NPC characters and Vanguards are wearing masks.

You can “trick or treat” in the game too. Obtain a Legendary bag from Eva which fills up with neat consumables after you kill in the Crucible or Player vs. Environment (PVE).

You can also collect masks, a new type of wearable item specifically for the festival. Rare masks will last until the end of the celebration, while Legendary masks can be kept permanently. Play the game and you’ll find yourself collecting “Glue” and “Paper Scraps” — use these to upgrade Rare masks to Legendary ones. There are 16 to collect.

And yes, there are a few new dance emotes. One you might be very familiar with, which is a shameless homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”:


The other one is my personal favorite, which lets you dance like the Backstreet Boys:

YouTube.com/GF LaserBolt - Gamer Fuzion

Happy Halloween, Destiny.

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