'Wonder Woman' Movie Rumors Include Batman, Villains, Could Be a Prequel

DC's Amazonian warrior princess may not be alone in her first solo feature film.

DC’s Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and Monster director Patty Jenkins at the helm is scheduled for a 2017 premiere, but shooting hasn’t started.

But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning, and JoBlo is reporting rumors regarding the plot of DC’s first movie about their Amazonian warrior. While these are just rumors, they generally match up with other speculations about the movie that’s run amok on the internet.

The film is split unevenly between World War I and the modern day.

Rumors that Wonder Woman will be split between timelines, whether through flashbacks or not, had already run when Birth.Movies.Death. reported Patty Jenkins signing on to direct. JoBlo is backing those claims: Wonder Woman will likely take place during World War I as well as modern day, with more of the movie happening in the latter.

From JoBlo:

“The very basics of the plot follow Diana/Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in modern day trying to stop Circe, who is manipulating high-level government men into starting World War III with the help of Ares. At some point she will explain to Trevor about her first battle with Ares during World War I, where she defeated him. Whether or not this is told in flashback or shown early on in the film is unclear, although it’s said that the majority of the film will be set in modern day, so don’t expect an even split between those timelines.”

Being a creation of the Golden Age, placing Wonder Woman at the dawn of the 20th century is a cool callback to her comic roots. Star Trek’s Chris Pine is set to play Steve Trevor.

The movie will be a prequel and Batman will be in it.

Ninja Elon Musk can’t keep to himself. According to JoBlo, the Dark Knight will have a cameo in Wonder Woman on top of his appearance in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Furthermore, Wonder Woman could take place before Batman v. Superman to establish the start of the two’s relationship. Based on the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Dawn of Justice, they already have some kind of history.

“[T]he Caped Crusader is said to appear in the film when Diana fights Ares’ winged demonic minions, watching her save civilian lives during the battle. This could simply be a shot of Batman from a rooftop observing or something more, but his presence will be there. After the film’s finale, Batman will approach Wonder Woman in some regard to let her know he is aware of her, establishing a relationship that leads to her involvement in BVS.”

Ben Affleck’s performance as the Caped Crusader was allegedly seen by Warner executives who gave him a standing ovation. Since then, there has been talk that Warner Bros.’ have shifted focus of the Justice League franchise to Batman, and not Henry Cavill’s Superman as originally intended. Batman possibly having a part in Wonder Woman supports these claims.

Wonder Woman will fly the Invisible Jet.

JoBlo says it’ll be in the movie. Will it be seen is technically another question, because it’s invisible. It will also not likely be in Batman v. Superman.

Wonder Woman will fight Circe and Ares to prevent World War III.

With Wonder Woman’s origins rooted in Greek mythology there is no shortage of epic monsters and gods to use with the bonus of zero copyright infringement in the way. JoBlo is reporting that Wonder Woman will be squaring off against Circe and Ares, who have had a major presence in DC Comics lore.

Ares will command an army of red and green beasts while Circe will “take on the form of a Chimera-like monster during her final battle with Wonder Woman.”

Of all the rumors JoBlo is reporting, it’s the Batman one that I find the most boring. It could enrich the movie, given how well Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot’s chemistry plays out in Dawn of Justice, but until then it just feels like having Batman just because he’s Batman. At least we could look forward to seeing them hook up, maybe.

Wonder Woman is set to release on June 23, 2017 from Warner Bros.