We Have Our First Oculus Rift Subway Spotting

This is what inevitability looks like.


An eagle-eyed tube traveler spotted a woman on the London Underground staring off into the depths of VR space and posted the image today. It is, well, a new look.

It’s also a bit weird. Although there are plenty of mobile VR headsets, the Oculus Rift Developer Kit, which this woman seems to be wearing, is not one of them. So unless this metaverse commuter is sitting on a fairly powerful laptop or has a computer hidden under that swank jacket, she’s gazing off into a lot of not-so-virtual darkness. To be fair, that’s probably better than looking at that wretched upholstery.

Speculation is rampant on Reddit: Is this some sort of ad campaign? Sheer goofery? We may never know (or particularly care). The Samsung VR Gear — being mobile — is much better suited for subways, anyway. I mean, this guy looks great, right?