David O. Russell's 'Joy' Trailer Premieres

In David O. Russell's latest, Jennifer Lawrence is a middle aged mom. Because of course. 

The latest trailer for David O. Russell’s Joy, his most recent collaboration with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, has dropped.

Russell is dangerously on the edge of sliding into self-parody as he recycles the same actors and tries to make us believe that Jennifer Lawrence is a middle aged mom. Unless you’re on MTV or The CW, this is not a mom.

Lawrence recently made a splash with an open letter about sexism in Hollywood that was pretty fantastic, but I guess she hasn’t watched her new pal Amy Schumer’s ageism sketch Last Fuckable Day yet.

Still, Lawrence is fighting the good fight, even if she’s blaming herself when she should be blaming her industry and people like Russell a lot more. Besides, ageism isn’t on her radar yet — she’s still five whole years away from thirty. And at least Bradley Cooper doesn’t have a perm this time around.

Joy hits theaters on December 25th.