The New Record for Beating 'Super Mario Bros.' Has Been Set

Twitch user Darbian documented the historic feat on his channel.


The newest world record for beating Super Mario Bros. for the NES has been set. Documented on his Twitch channel, video game speedrunner Darbian clocked in playing the 1985 Nintendo classic at 4:57.627.

You can watch the run on his YouTube video above, but check out the Twitch broadcast. It’s coupled with his live reaction and a heart-rate monitor that spikes when he gets through some of the more crucial areas.

Speedrunning is its own subculture in video gaming, with its own vocabulary and accepted strategies like agreed-upon glitches that may be exploited for maximum time.

Darbian did just that in the run above, and he explains in a Reddit post how he could have gone even faster.

If nothing else, this video is just stunning because of how quick he finishes the classic game. I thought of a few things that actually take longer than the time it took Darbian to complete Super Mario Bros.:

1.) Cooking ramen. Approximate time: 20 minutes.

2.) Walking a mile. Approximate time: 20 minutes.

3.) Taking a break during theater rehearsals. Approximate time: 5-10 minutes.

4.) Listen to Eminem’s “Rap God.” Exact time: 6:09.

5.) Waiting for a pizza delivery. Approximately 25-35 minutes.

6.) Waiting for Batman to suit up in Batman Begins. Approximately: A goddamn hour.

7.) Writing this article. Approximately: 25 minutes.

Here’s another attempt at the record, uploaded in 2011 by YouTube user Andrew 1990, who clocked in at a time of 4:58:89: