Listen to Audio of El Chapo Drilling Out of a Maximum Security Cell

Guards ignored six minutes of obvious jailbreak noises. 

Mexican National Security Commission

Most scenes from Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán’s life as legendary drug lord could be mistaken for Scarface outtakes, but this one would feel more at home in The Naked Gun.

In newly released footage with audio of Guzmán’s prison cell moments before his escape, six minutes of very obvious, very loud hammering drilling sounds can be heard on the soundtrack before El Chapo just waltzes out of his cell through the private shower. At one point he even turns up his cell’s television to cover the racket.

The video, released by Mexican broadcaster Televisa, shows a split screen of completely clueless guards who have absolutely no sign that anything is wrong until about 25 minutes after the drug lord’s disappearance when a guard alerts another and you see the pair examine a screen.

It’s 37 minutes after the escape is complete when they bother to check the cell.

You would think that holding a criminal nicknamed the “Master of Tunnels” would have you preparing for a tunnel. That so many government officials were in Guzmán’s pocket begs the question, is this incompetence or collusion?