My TGT Wallet Is the Sleek, Slim Answer to Your Chunky Dad Wallet

Gentlemen, ditch your cumbersome leather billfolds.

Colin St. John

I’m not hip. I don’t do “cool stuff” or “buy nice things.” The best I can usually do is recommend a pretty good band. Sometimes you might like a bar I like, too. So it’s been a great surprise that I’ve turned many people onto my wallet. It’s called a TGT (“tight”) and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to a standard cash-carrier again.

Jack Sutter began TGT as a Kickstarter and raised a whopping $317,424 to get it off the ground. Now, thanks to those contributors who are way more cutting-edge than me, you can actually purchase a wallet from what is (hopefully) a viable company. Check it:

Every time I bust my TGT out, people go crazy for it. “What is that?” they ask. Then I tell them and, sometimes, they even buy one. (This Deadspin code will even get you a few bucks off, bringing the standard Americana down to less than $30: TGTSPIN.) So, what’s to love? Obviously, it’s super small. I keep mine in my front pocket and barely notice it. Plus, it’s attractive. The leather feels great. You can get it embroidered. There are deluxe versions with two pockets. The red, white, and blue on the Americana lets everyone else know that you love your country. Even if you’re French. (Or Chilean. Or Samoan. Or Nepalese.) And there are other colors, too!

How much stuff do you need in your wallet? Your ID and one or two credit cards. Maybe a health insurance card, some transportation passes, a student ID. Then, a little bit of cash. Leave your Walgreens Balance Rewards, ripped receipts, twice-forgotten business cards, and your aspirational Magnums in your fanny pack. Just pop what you need into the TGT and roll. Gone are these days:

Now that you have a bunch of apps you don’t need on your phone, you need less shit you don’t need in your wallet. TGT it up.

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