Krysten Ritter's New 'Jessica Jones' Teaser Trailers Show That Netflix and Marvel Sure Are Milking It

We finally get to see Krysten Ritter and hear David Tennant, but that's about it.


Another day, another Jessica Jones trailer from Netflix.

But unlike the lackluster trio of barely-adequate teasers that came before it for Marvel’s new show, we actually get to see Krysten Ritter in the title role this time. And David Tennant! But we only get to hear David Tennant’s “Purple Man” villain making throaty threats to Ritter’s titular hero in her private detective’s office.

“I know everything,” he declares, as Jones posts clues on a wall and slams the door to the office on her way out, most likely to walk into a handful of other needlessly dull teaser trailers before the show drops on Netflix on November 20.

There’s something admirable about Netflix’s reluctance to show any actual footage from the show in this day and age when basically everything is spoiled on every anticipated TV show or movie before it’s released. But these teasers leave something to the imagination, as if maybe Netflix is a bit hesitant because the show isn’t very good. If you’re confident in how awesome something is, just give the waiting masses a small taste.

They’re sure milking the mysteriousness for everything it’s worth, but here’s hoping that Marvel will unveil an episode or two at the New York Comic Con this week to keep the buzz train rolling. Otherwise we can only take Ritter staring pensively in and around Hell’s Kitchen in a leather jacket for so long before it becomes annoying.

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