SpaceX Offers Interns 'The Coolest Place to Work'

These young space nerds are probably going to take over the world.

SpaceX / YouTube

“This is not a normal internship,” says David Larson, one of the bright-eyed college kids featured in a new SpaceX video highlighting the company’s intern program.

Well, yeah. How many people have a student job that involves launching rockets?

Tejas Parekh is a SpaceX launch intern.

SpaceX / YouTube

Tejas Parekh does. “Working a launch pad is crazy,” he says. “There’s so many different aspects to it, and you get to do absolutely everything here.”

Julie Wang is working on the receiver that helps Dragon navigate by satellite.

SpaceX / YouTube

Julie Wang is working on the communication and navigation systems for SpaceX’s Dragon, the first private spacecraft to deliver goods to and from the International Space Station. Her job sounds really complicated, really important, and really cool.

Test engineer Jeff Ellenoff can’t contain his enthusiasm. “I get to come to work and play with spaceships all day,” he says. And what person wouldn’t want that? When an engine test happens it’s the most incredible thing you could possibly think of.”

Jeff Ellenoff works on SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX / YouTube

They work hard, they play hard: The interns say job perks include a free frozen yogurt bar, beach bonfires, and team sports competitions.

Interested? SpaceX currently has a couple dozen open applications for intern positions at various U.S. locations. They’re looking for “the top talent on the planet.”

Watch the full video below and apply here.

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