Microsoft 'Project X-Ray' HoloLens Demo Previews Holographic Blasters

But don't expect robo-scorpions to invade your living room just yet.

YouTube/MS Hololens

At Tuesday’s Windows Devices conference, Microsoft previewed what the company is calling, Project X-Ray, a “mixed reality” game that includes wearable devices. The system, as you can see in the demo below, knows where you are in relation to your furniture and sends a bunch of robot bugs crashing through the walls.

It is both super cool and super dorky:

Hololens made a big splash at this year’s E3, with an impressive Minecraft-on-the-coffee-table demo. But it won’t come to consumer fruition until long after the Oculus Rift (as Oculus has pointed out, augmented reality is a bit more technologically demanding than pure VR).

You can get your hands on a Hololens earlier than the plebes — the first quarter of 2016, Microsoft recently announced — if you’re a developer with $3,000 burning a plasmic hole in your jeans.