Netflix Drops Another Mysterious 'Jessica Jones' Teaser

When will we get to see some actual footage?


Netflix just debuted another teaser for their upcoming Marvel TV series Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter, but you wouldn’t know that from the trailer itself.

This is the third in a line of teasers that hint at the former superhero who denounces her powers to open up a detective agency in New York, but instead of giving us actual footage from the show the teasers are needlessly cagey.

We get it Netflix! You’re trying to come up with a unique way of introducing a character and her superpowers by keeping it grounded in the realistic Hell’s Kitchen setting first introduced in their Daredevil Netflix series. They are, by name, teasers. But why not give us a hint of dialogue, a smidge of footage from the show, any hint of Krysten Ritter herself instead of what seems like someone who just looks like her standing in front of a green screen jumping onto a fire escape?

We’d continue to complain, but it seems likely that Marvel will reveal some actual footage at this week’s New York Comic Con ahead of its Netflix premiere on November 20. It’ll surely keep geeks tuned in to Marvel on the small screen satiated until the Captain America: Civil War hits the big screen next year.

Take a look at the other two Jessica Jones teasers below.

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