So, You Might Be Shaving With a Laser Beam Razor Before Long

Skarp Technologies' laser-based razor means not throwing disposable razors into landfills.

by Sam Blum
photo: Skarp Technologies 

Shaving with a metal razor is a practice perhaps perfected by your grandfather, yet still marred by eons of irritated and/or lacerated skin. Science noticed. Now it wants to scorch your face pretty with lasers.

Enter a UK electronics manufacturing company, Skarp Technologies, that’s going to drag grooming out of the eras of straight razors and Mach Whatevers. The company has pulled together close to $2 million via Kickstarter to bring the Skarp Laser Razor to market.

The fundraising video has more details, but the key points are in the name of the, ahem, laser razor. Basically laser science and years of presumably fragrant trials in precision hair-incineration by Skarp founder Morgan Gustavsson and his partner Paul Binun went into developing it.

Keep dragging blades across your mug if you want. The future’s coming and it’s going to have lots of people dragging frickin’ laser beams on their jaws and legs and various other furry patches. Lasers: no longer just for Dr. Evil’s sharks.