These Hatched Stink Bug Eggs Look Exactly Like Angry Birds

What other fun things can we discover under a microscope?

ZEISS Microscopy

The folks over at ZEISS Microscopy have made an important scientific discovery: Hatched stink bug eggs look exactly like Angry Birds.

They sure look angry.

ZEISS Microscopy

The amazing news comes via the company’s Flickr feed, which is generally filled with joy and wonderment.

The photo of the stink bug eggs has been colored to get the Angry Bird effect, but it’s still pretty damn cool. If you want to see what stink bugs look like when they hatch IRL, you can watch this video:

Wanna play guess-what-this-crazy-microscope-image-is-actually-a-picture-of?

Of course you do.

Whoa! Wouldn't want to run into this guy in a dark alley.

ZEISS Microscopy

Alien from space? Sea Monster? Nope. This is beetle of the genus Circocerus from the lowland Amazon rainforest in Peru.


ZEISS Microscopy

Oh! I know this one! It’s a spider web at a rave, right?

Wrong. It’s actually a photo of a mouse’s endothelial cells. Those are the cells that make up the inner lining of blood vessels.

Looks pokey.

ZEISS Microscopy

This looks like one of those Christmas ornaments you make by poking cloves into an orange, but it’s actually a coccolith.

What the heck is a coccolith? I’m glad you asked. It’s a structure made of calcium carbonate that is formed by tiny aquatic organisms. Maybe you’ve never seen one before, but you’ve probably gone swimming with one.

Is there a brain in there somewhere?

ZEISS Microscopy

This (I’d let you guess but you’d never get it) is a radiolaria, a tiny single-celled organism that produces an intricate mineral skeleton.

Green machine.

ZEISS Microscopy

If you think this looks like a close up of a fly’s eye, well, you’d be right. That’s exactly what it is.

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