Marvel teases Eternals-Thanos "connections" and new footage at CCXP

Could the Mad Titan return in Marvel's Phase Four?

Marvel Studios

As the first movie in Marvel’s Phase Four that isn’t a prequel, The Eternals is expected to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some bold new directions. The live-action adaptation of Jack Kirby’s mystical superheroes will include the Eternals themselves, alongside their enemies, the Deviants, and … Thanos?

It might sound ridiculous, especially since the big purple guy totally died at the end of Avengers: Endgame, but recent statements from Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige (and some exclusive new footage) could reveal an unexpected twist in The Eternals.

Speculative spoilers ahead for Eternals.

Over the weekend, Feige appeared at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience (CCXP). In addition to teasing that The Eternals would redefine the MCU in Phase Four, he hinted that Thanos has connections to the superhuman beings. Is there a chance the Mad Titan will appear in The Eternals?Here’s what Feige had to say (via CBR):

“Thanos in the comics was an Eternal on Titan, so there may be connections. But really this is about introducing those ten new characters that are played by an incredibly eclectic amazing group of actors that we’re focusing on.”

While the attitude of the MCU is never-say-never when it comes to character connections and tie-ins, it doesn’t really sound like Thanos will be joining the Eternals anytime soon. That makes sense considering his arc in the Infinity Saga just wrapped in Avengers: Endgame. To bring him back so soon, even if it’s a scene set in the past, might take away from the new characters.

The Eternals have their work cut out for them already.

Marvel Comics

Still, it isn’t a stretch to think Thanos will eventually come into play, even if it’s only a mention of his name. It’s possible the Eternals know what Thanos did in Infinity War and discuss him as a cautionary tale. After all, the ancient group is tasked with defending the Earth, so wiping half of all living creatures out of existence may not have been part of the plan.

Thanos aside, fans at CCXP were also treated to exclusive footage from The Eternals. Per YouTube account The Cosmic Wonder, the footage teased a member of the Deviants, Druig, opening the door to a training camp. Based on the footage description, it sounds like Druig may have kidnapped Richard Madden’s Ikaris and other members of the Eternals.

Gemma Chan’s Sersi also appeared in the CCXP footage, though she wasn’t seen interacting with any of the other characters. This further adds to the mystery of The Eternals.

Later on in the footage, Salma Hayek’s Ajax, the leader of the superhuman group, unites them to protect humanity. “These people and this world have changed us and we need to protect them,” she says.

None of this reveals how The Eternals will set the stage for the rest of Marvel’s Phase Four, but at the very least, it sounds like everyone’s favorite Mad Titan might not be quite as dead and gone as we thought…

The Eternals will be released November 6, 2020.