'Jedi Temple Challenge' release date, trailer, casting for the Star Wars game show

Padawans, your time has come.


Attention, Star Wars fans: Disney+ just announced a queue-worthy show coming your way in 2020. In addition to The Mandalorian and the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, the world of Star Wars will be getting its own game show called Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge.

In the official announcement from StarWars.com, the Jedi Temple Challenge game show is described as “definitely a kids game show” that is “set in the Star Wars galaxy.” From the sound of the description of the show, Jedi Temple Challenge will have a similar vibe to the ‘90s kids game show Legends of the Hidden Temple but with a significantly larger amount of the Force and wielding of lightsabers. This is just the tip of the Dreadnought, though, so let’s take a look at what else we know about Jedi Temple Challenge in the wake of it’s December 3 announcement.

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When is the Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge release date?

Right now, all we know is that Jedi Temple Challenge premieres in 2020. We’ll find out more information about when exactly in 2020 this new game show will debut when the new year finally rolls around.

Is Jedi Temple Challenge casting yet? How do I sign-up to audition?

As far as we know, Disney isn’t casting contestants yet for Jedi Temple Challenge. It’s unclear how the audition process will work, when sign-ups will be available, or whether the first episodes have already been cast and filmed in secret (seems unlikely for a game show featuring a bunch of kids).

'Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge'Lucasfilm

What kind of game show is Jedi Temple Challenge?

In the official Star Wars statement, Lucasfilm’s senior director of Online Content & Programming Mickey Capoferri summarized the Jedi Temple Challenge gameplay thus:

“The various challenges will test a Padawan’s connection to the Force in three locations — a forest planet, on board a Jedi star cruiser, and inside a Jedi temple — immersing them and the audience in a fun, humorous, and exciting competition.”

Additionally, VP of Originals, Unscripted Content on Disney+ Dan Silver said in the same press release that Jedi Temple Challenge “brings together the best of Star Wars — competitive spirit, harrowing obstacles and a hero’s triumph over challenges — in a totally new format for the franchise.”

Is there a trailer for Jedi Temple Challenge?

There is no Jedi Temple Challenge trailer yet, but that’s only because the game show was just announced. So far, Disney+ hasn’t established a hard-and-fast pattern for when trailers will drop. That said, the best guess might be that the first trailer for Jedi Temple Challenge will be released a few weeks to one month ahead of the actual series premiere, which is happening in 2020.

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I heard that Jar Jar Binks is hosting Jedi Temple Challenge?

This may be the most exciting aspect of the Jedi Temple Challenge news. The host of the new Star Wars game show is Ahmed Best, the actor who played Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy from the early ‘00s. Prequel fans will be happy knowing that a familiar face voice will be at the heart of the Jedi Temple Challenge game show — and Best is just as happy, too. In a tweet on December 3, Best both announced the show was coming and shared a statement about joining.

“In my most challenging times, it was always the smiles and energy of kids that loved #jarjarbjnks who lifted me up,” he wrote. “ Thank you for this opportunity to give back to them.”

How many episodes of Jedi Temple Challenge will there be?

There is still no word on how many episodes will be included in the first season of Jedi Temple Challenge. It’s even harder to guess the episode count because the structure of the show is still unclear. Will there be a different group of contestants in every episode? Will there be the same group playing through different challenges in each new episode? It’s still a mystery! Fingers crossed there are at least eight to 10 episodes for Season 1 since fellow Star Wars series The Mandalorian got an eight-episode Season 1, too.

Obi-Wan gets up close to some battle droids. Lucasfilm

Will any other famous Star Wars actors appear in the cast?

There’s no word yet on whether Best will be joined by other famous Star Wars faces on Jedi Temple Challenge. However, this game show represents a unique first and a breaking of new ground for the Star Wars franchise, so there’s an opportunity here to potentially loop in other big names connected to this world in different episodes. It feels logical, at minimum, to guess there could be a chance for tie-ins to both The Mandalorian and the upcoming Obi-Wan series, both of which also air on Disney+.

How can I watch Jedi Temple Challenge?

There’s only one place you’ll be able to watch Jedi Temple Challenge: Disney+. If you have a Disney+ subscription, then you’re all set and can watch this new Star Wars game show the day it premieres. If you don’t have a Disney+ subscription yet, what are you doing with your life? Sign up now because you will definitely not want to miss this one.

There’s still plenty of Star Wars-related movies and TV shows to watch before Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge premieres. Make sure to check out what’s available to watch on Disney+ to help you figure your next Star Wars watch.

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