How to build a strong team for 'Pokémon Sword and Shield's last gyms

Or... how to git goodest.

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Welcome to the endgame. If you’re here then you’ve made it through Milo, Nessa, and all the other gym leaders. You’ve successfully conquered every challenge Pokémon Sword and Shield could throw at you, so why stop now?

With the final set of gyms in sight, I bet you’re wondering if now you should make a few adjustments to your line up. Well, despite their large gullets, a team comprised of six Cramorants just won’t get the job done this time around, sorry. But we know some other Pokémon who will, and we’ve put together a comprehensive list to get you through the home stretch.

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The flawless final gym group

You have two people to challenge: Piers and Raihan, both formidable in their own right. Here’s how they can be beaten:

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Spikemuth’s gym leader, Piers, runs a dark-centric gym. His crew is weak against bug-types, fairy-types, and fighting-types. This means you’re going to want at least one bug-type. I recommend either going with Blipbug, who can be found on Route 2 or Caterpie, who’s available via Route 1. Make sure to use your bug-type when Piers calls out his Malamar. (Bug attacks have 4X effectiveness against Malamar.)

When it comes to a fighting-type, Stufful found on Route 5 is a prime choice. In their evolved form, Bewear can really do some damage. Lastly, pick up a Swirlixx, who can be found in the same area.

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For Raihan, Hammerlocke’s Dragon gym leader, you’re going to want a mix of fairy, dragon, and water types. So keep the Swirlixx you caught for the last gym on hand. Then you should also pick up an Axew, which can be found on Route 6. For your last contender, catch a Chewtle, who can be found on Route 2. Their evolved form, Drednaw, will be a massive boon for this final battle.

Now, that’s all for the final two gyms. Go forth with these suggestions and your team will be unstoppable!

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