Tips to make the most of your camping jaunts in 'Pokémon Sword and Shield'

Optimize your downtime by making food, playing with toys and visiting other trainers. 

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It’s been a long wait, and not without controversy, but Pokémon Sword and Shield has finally arrived for Nintendo Switch. Continuing a long-running pattern of letting you befriend your ‘mon Sword and Shield introduces Pokémon Camp. It’s a simple yet effective way to get to know your squad of adorable creatures. Below, we’ve compiled some basic tips and strategies to help you make the most of your downtime in the Galar Region.

Collecting ingredients for recipes in Sword and Shield

To get the most out of camping, you’ll need something to feed your hungry, hungry Pokémon. Making food is easy: all you need are a few readily available items. Each cooked dish needs a base ingredient, like canned beans. These can be found by interacting with your fellow trainers in the Wild Area or via vendors found throughout the Galar region.

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Secondly, every dish needs berries. Up to ten berries can be added to every dish, but be warned, each berry has a different effect on your dish, so make sure to read the description. Berries can be found throughout Wild Area on berry trees. Every tree can be shaken multiple times, producing oodles of produce. With the ingredients in hand, you’re read to cook something up at camp.

Cooking inSword and Shield, and what those rankings mean

Once you open the camp screen, hit the cook button to brew up some grub for your Pokémon. The process is simple: choose your ingredients, fan the flames, and stir the pot. Each completed meal will improve your friendship ranking with the Pokémon in your party and slightly increase their experience points. Once you’re done, your meal will get one of four ratings.

  • Gold (Charizard Class): Restores HP, PP, and status conditions.
  • Silver (Copperajah Class): Heals your party’s HP, some PP, and cures status conditions.
  • Bronze (Milcery Class): Restores HP and status conditions.
  • Iron (Wobbuffet Class): Heals half of your party’s HP.
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When you’re making your first meal, throw in just about anything you can. New meals are stored in your CurryDex, which will eventually contain over 100 different recipes. Filling out your CurryDex will provide bonuses for other aspects of camp life.

When you’ve completed a significant portion of your CurryDex, speak to the man in yellow next to the staircase that leads to MotoStoke City. He’ll give you items to use at camp after hitting CurryDex milestones. The first reward, a very big green bouncy ball, comes after making five different meals.

Why you should play with toys at camp

Other than cooking, you may also interact with your Pokémon with a variety of toys. Upon entering the camp, beckon your Pokémon over to play with them a little. Playing with your Pokémon will increase your friendship levels with them. This is a great way to boost your friendship with Pokémon who require a close bond before evolving.

Visiting other Pokémon trainer camps

While exploring the Wild Area, you may visit other Pokémon Trainers at their camps. Similar to Max Raid Battles, accessible will emit a distinct bright white light beam in the Wild Area, and can be seen across the map.

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While in another player’s camp, you may play with their Pokémon and bring your own Pokémon along to hang out. You may also perform normal camp activities such as cooking. Making new friends is always a good time!

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out now for Nintendo Switch.

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