Oscar Isaac teases a shocking Zorri Bliss twist in 'Rise of Skywalker'

Poe Dameron? More like Ho Dameron.

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The Star Wars fandom may be currently obsessed with The Mandalorian at the moment, making it easy to forget that we’re just weeks way from the debut of The Rise of Skywalker. Slowly but surely, the Lucasfilm publicity machine is beginning to ramp up into high gear. In the latest issue of the U.K. magazine Total Film, Oscar Isaac reveals a surprising new detail about Kerri Russell’s mysterious character, Zorri Bliss, and hints at the role she’ll play in the story of Episode IX.

While Russell demurred when pressed for details about her character, Isaac was far more candid. From the sound of it, Poe and Zorri were romantically involved in the past, and their relationship didn’t end well.

“Every relationship with Poe has a sexual element. It’s just kind of the way it is. But with her, you definitely get a sense that things were left kind of messy and there’s some hurt there,” said Isaac. “You will see that this is someone from Poe’s past that really played an important role.”

Resistance man-ho Poe Dameron being sexual with everyone, as usual. 


Sure, Poe’s been a bit of a flirt with Leia and Holdo, but I’m not sure the previous movies have given us much evidence to suggest that he’s been tomcatting around the Resistance. But apparently he’s “sexual” with pretty much everyone he meets, so good for him I guess. Fans have long speculated that Zorri may be Rey’s mom, but it looks like we can rule that one out thanks to this reveal. Sure, Star Wars has explored some awkward and incestuous pairings over the years, but it seems super unlikely that we’d see a scene revealing that Poe once got busy with Rey’s mom. (Unless this romance happened a very long time ago, it also seems super unlikely that Poe could be Rey’s dad.)

Noted sex enthusiast Poe Dameron races to his next conquest.


Previously, all we knew about Zorri’s relationship to the other characters was that she was “sort of this old friend of Poe,” according to Russell. Turns out, they were Special Naked Friends.

There’s a number of ways their no-pants-dance past could play out in The Rise of Skywalker. Presumably, it’s awkward for them to see one another again. We don’t know who did the dumping, but we’re willing to guess that it was Zorri. Maybe Poe’s cocky man-ho ways are just a way for him to avoid getting hurt again. If Zorri really is the Lara Croft of the Star Wars universe, it’s pretty unlikely she’d be sat at home waiting for Poe to call on the holoprojector. She’s got a cool spaceship and a badass helmet: she could have a toyboy in every spaceport.

But despite their rocky past, Poe and Zorri clearly have to work together in this movie. Perhaps the looming threat of Zombie Palpatine will drive them back into each other’s arms, and Porri will overtake Reylo as the big sequel trilogy ship. (We’d rather have FinnPoe, but we’ll take what we can get.)

Star Wars: The Rise of Poori comes to theaters December 20.

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