Are Drake and Future About to Drop a Mixtape?

Rumors are swirling that Drake and Future are getting ready to post a new mixtape.

Vaughn Ridley, Getty Images

After a few tweets and a deleted Instagram post, all of a sudden two of the biggest rappers in the game are about to mixtape. Yesterday rumors started swirling that Drake and Future are about to put out a joint mixtape. It began with a deleted Instagram photo from OB Brian that featured a cover of the supposed project. If nothing else, this drippy purple paint-owl sure is something to behold.

Then the tweets started to appear, as the tweets so often do.

There has not been a single word from Drake or Future to imply that tape is going to be released today or that it even exists, but baseless speculation is one of social media’s favorite games, so why ruin the fun with facts!

Anyway, as the world collectively awaits this tape on one of summer’s final Fridays, enjoy the moves of DJ Esco.