6 Devices That Will Make Your Home Cleaner Without Any Work On Your Part

Who needs a cleaner when you have technology?


There are no less than 1 billion things I would rather do than clean my house. After a week of working, making dinner, and keeping my family alive, the absolute last thing I want to do is spend my weekend cleaning. I’d wager most people feel this way, and would appreciate all the help they can get. That is where the wonders of technology come in. Thanks to robotics and ingenuity, there are devices out there that can practically clean every inch of your home (or at least, take care of some of the major spots). Though they may be an upfront investment, in the long run they save you time and energy. Here are some cleaning devices that are total chore game-changers.

For the shower.

Scrubbing the shower is one of the worst tasks. Not only does it remind you of how gross you actually are, it can be laborious trying to get that daily grime out of grout. This automatic shower cleaner takes a lot of that hassle out of your bathroom cleaning routine. All you have to do is press the button and walk away. It uses the water on the shower walls in combination with the cleaning system that automatically sprays cleaner to eliminate the build up of tough soap scum, mold and mildew stains.

For the windows.

One of the worst spring cleaning tasks is doing a thorough scrub of the windows. This robot window cleaner takes on that hassle for you. The Gecko window cleaner uses suction to attach to the window and uses washable microfiber pads to scrub windows. It is powered by your phone, so also no more climbing on ladders and putting yourself at risk to get a deep clean and is douby secured with a safety rope attachment feature. You can also control it from your smartphone and allows you to tailor the robot to your home layout.

For the toilet.

Setting it in the water tank, this automatic toilet bowl cleaner lasts for 900 flushes. All you have to do is set it up and flush! The formula used is a natural acidic plant that automatically removes water scale, urine scale and rust stains without leaving any residue in the tank. This means less scrubbing for you!

For the laundry.

Who needs a dry cleaner when you have this nifty tool. This steam press irons clothes to a professional crisp, but also can help around the house. For instance, no more hours of ironing all the curtains in your house, simply feed them through this press and you’ll have hotel-worthy drapes in no time.

For the floors.

Whether you have hardwood or carpeted floors, fret about crumbs and dust no more. This simple vacuum will get to every inch of the house without being stopped by floor obstacles or changes in floor height, and do it totally on its own. It even boasts a quiet cleaning cycle, so you can get away with running it while kids are napping. You can even set it on an auto-clean schedule so it can vacuum at a certain point at the end of the day.

For the mopping

After your robot vacuum sucks up the dirt, mop away any left over residue with this robotic mopping tool. Simply fill with water and attach the reusable pad or single use throw away ones and let it do its thing. Choose from wet mopping, damp mopping or dry sweeping on any hardwood, tile, or stone surface. Its compact design also allows it to get under furniture and reach hard to get to places.