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The 7 Best Fleece Jackets For Men

The perfect fit for winter weather.


Whether for chilly weather or a hiking trip, the best fleece jackets for men are a must-have. With a variety of styles, the common thread is that the fleece here is synthetic rather than wool. Synthetic fleece is an insulating fabric made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a hydrophobic — naturally water-repellent — fiber. This fleece holds less than 1% of its weight in water, retains insulating capabilities when wet, and it’s highly breathable, machine-washable, and quick-drying. However, unless treated with a special finish, fleece isn’t waterproof or sweat-wicking. No matter your style, budget, or activity level, there’s bound to be a fleece piece for you.

Low-maintenance and machine-washable, fleece is easy to clean. Simply zip the pockets, turn it inside out, and wash in warm water on gentle; then hang dry, machine-dry, or lay your jacket out. Fabric softener is fine for special finish-free fleece however, you don’t want to dry clean it.

In terms of style, I’ve included pullovers with quarter-zippers, jackets with full-zippers, a vest, and a hoodie; each has their advantages. Hoodies provide head warmth and pullovers insulate your core and arms. Vests are a core-focused layer, or for those who run warm. Quarter-zip is fashionable, but a full front-zipper helps you cool down without removing your fleece.

Fleece weight, the material’s heaviness and thickness, is an important factor, but judging weight is tricky ⁠— there’s no universal measurement. Some companies use the Polartec scale from 100 to 300, the lightest-weight being 100; while others use lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. Lightweight is the most breathable — great for active people generating body heat. Midweight is good for outdoor exercise ⁠or moderate temperatures. Heavyweight is the least breathable ⁠— great for cold-weather activities like camping or skiing.

Most fleece jackets provide the essentials for warmth and breathability, but some boast special features ⁠— zippered pockets for added security, elastic cuffs for mobility, wind resistance, water-repellent finishes, and abrasion resistance ⁠— fabric that ⁠withstands surface wear. Some fleece is made with recycled materials, reducing waste, and all synthetic fleece is vegan-friendly.

Here are the best fleece jackets for men on Amazon.

The Best Overall Fleece Zip-Up Jacket

This full-zip fleece jacket by Columbia boasts a 4.5-star rating and over 4,300 customer reviews ⁠— it’s easy to see why. It features zippered pockets to keep your personal items from falling out, and offers a wide range of sizes to fit all body types — from straight size options to tall sizes. Plus, with 54 colors to choose from, there’s an option for everyone.

What fans are saying: “This jacket is an excellent choice for those of us living in milder climates. While I would not wear this in temps below freezing, it is great when temps start getting chilly. The jacket is also excellent for physical activities and resists wear and tear while remaining breathable and warm. The styling is understated and appropriate for any occasion you might wear a fleece.”

Fleece weight: 100% polyester MTR (Maximum Thermal Retention): a filament fleece that’s soft and durable, making this midweight option great for winter weather. It’s hypoallergenic, non-piling, soft, quick-drying, machine washable, and very warm for its weight and bulk.

Available sizes: Small - 6X

Available colors: Available in 54 colors, including buffalo, elderberry, and phoenix blue, to name a few.

A Best-Selling And Budget-Friendly Polar Fleece Zip-Up Jacket

At $21, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more budget-friendly midweight fleece than this. Plus, this full-zip polar fleece jacket features side-seam zippered pockets on each side to keep personal items safe and secure, and the elastic cuffs are great for added mobility.

What fans are saying: “I bought this for a mid-layer for snowboarding. I needed pockets that zipped up because when your on the mountain, the last thing you want is an open pocket with your wallet and keys flying out. The zipped-up pockets worked as expected. Also, there are two deep inner pockets in the jacket where I put my snowboard tool and lock. As a mid-layer it kept me warm and dry. There are times when I’m just out and about in town and this is enough to keep me warm. Great product over all.”

Fleece weight: This pick is a midweight fleece.

Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large

Available colors: Available in seven colors, including navy, camo, and a burgundy heather to name a few.

The Best Fleece Quarter-Zip Pullover

TKA, or “Thermal Kinetic Advancement” fleece are North Face-created proprietary fabrics with superior insulation and wear-resistance. This quarter-zip jacket is a lightweight, high-performance microfiber fleece with a luxurious finish. Providing great warmth on its own (even wet) or as an extra layer, it’s made with 100% polyester engineered to be durable and pill-resistant. It launders well, compresses well, and packs easily. Made partially from recycled content, Amazon shoppers give it a 4.3-star rating.

What fans are saying: “I have another North Face Men’s TKA 100 Glacier 1/4 Zip but in grey. Love the fit and warmth during winter/early spring time. Just wanted another one in black.”

Fleece weight: Made from super soft TKA 100 fleece, this durable, classic fleece pullover works great as a mid-layer. With the 100-weight fleece, it definitely falls into the “lightweight” category.

Available sizes: Small - XX-Large

Available colors: Available in 11 colors, including storm blue, cardinal red, and grey heather, to name a few.

The Best Fleece Hoodie

With a solid 4.1 star-rating, this full-zip fleece jacket is great with its detachable hoodie, relaxed fit, and non-fluorinated durable water-repellent (NF DWR) finish. DWR finishes work by creating a microscopically “spiky” surface that suspends water droplets on the fabric’s outer fringe so droplets can’t lie flat and seep into the material, and non-fluorinated versions tend to be more eco-friendly. This pick also features stretch fabric cuffs for added mobility and comfort, and includes covered, secure-zip chest and hand pockets.

What fans are saying: “Love North Face jackets. This fit as expected and is so very warm in our cold Chicago winters. The hood is the best part.”

Fleece weight: Made from 100% recycled fleece, this 330-weight fleece piece is higher on the fleece-weight scale, making it ideal for cold weather and outdoor adventures. Some experts would call this a heavyweight fleece, but North Face considers this a midweight option.

Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large

Available colors: Available in four colors, including a brandy brown, an all black, a moon mist, and a charcoal gray with black contrast.

The Best Windproof Fleece Jacket

This full-zip, soft-shell jacket features WindWall wind impermeability and a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish to help keep inclement weather out and you dry. WindWall fabrics are specially engineered to significantly reduce wind chill’s effects while providing flexibility and breathability to stay comfortable without overheating. This jacket also features two hand-zip pockets and two internal, drop-in storage pockets to safely store belongings on the go. Plus, Amazon shoppers give it an impressive 4.7 stars.

What fans are saying: “Great jacket, the second one I’ve purchased. The fabric is great for light rain and fully wind proof. It runs just a touch big which fits perfect so you can layer underneath depending on temp. I’ve used it in the 50s with t-shirt underneath all the way to below freezing with scarf, gloves, hat, and layers. Highly recommend.”

Fleece weight: This lightweight pick is 100% polyester with brushed fleece. Abrasion-resistant wind protection and a gridded fleece backing make this the ultimate layer for breathable warmth during active, cold-weather adventures.

Available sizes: Small - XX-Large

Available colors: Available in 12 colors, including four leaf clover, an urban navy, and falcon brown to name a few.

A Best-Selling & Budget-Friendly Fleece Vest

This full-zip polar fleece vest includes a high collar for extra warmth, especially for your neck, plus deep, zippered side pockets to keep personal items secure. It also boasts a 4.5-star rating.

What fans are saying: “This turned out to be the perfect [complement] to my cold weather motorcycle gear. I ride year-round so when the colder weather starts layers are the only way to go. This fits nicely against the body so it fits great under my rain jacket without feeling bulky. It is keeping me nice and warm without limiting my movement at all. […]”

Fleece weight: This pick is a midweight fleece.

Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large

Available colors: Available in 14 colors, including red buffalo, oatmeal heather, and forest green to name a few.

The Best Heavyweight Fleece Jacket

With an impressive 4.5-star rating, this quarter-zip Patagonia pullover is this list’s heaviest weight option and features raglan sleeves, adding mobility and comfort. It also has a zippered left-chest pocket that can safely hold keys, cash, and cards. Additionally, the micro-polyester jersey trim at the collar, cuffs, and hem wicks away sweat while providing abrasion resistance ⁠— fabric that ⁠withstands surface wear. The flat-seam construction reduces bulk and helps eliminate seam chafe.

What fans are saying: “Best Sweater out there. Very warm and great for any occasion.”

Fleece weight: This pick is a 499-weight fleece, making it a heavyweight option.

Available sizes: Small - XX-Large

Available colors: Available in five colors, including stonewash, sediment, and classic navy to name a few.