The Best Mens' Robes

Stay comfortable with these great robes for men.


Whether you have one for after-shower use or just to lounge around in, a great robe can keep you comfortable all day long, given you have the time and the place to stay in a robe all day. For men, there’s little else that’s as comfortable, besides maybe lounging around naked all day, but that’s just not an option for all of us.

If you’re in search of a good robe for whatever reason, you’ve probably already run into the fact that there are more than a few options available to you. In case you want to cut the fat out of your search, you can check out our list of the best picks for men’s robes below.

Stay Warm: Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Plush Fleece Robe with Hood

Alexander Del Rossa Men's Plush Fleece Robe with Hood, Warm Big and Tall Bathrobe


If you’re looking to stay warm and comfortable all day, the Men’s Plush Fleece Robe with Hood from Alexander Del Rossa is going to be your best bet. Whether you’re looking to warm up in the winter or get comfortable and lounge all day, the ultra soft 330 GSM coral fleece on this robe will help you do just that.

In addition to the main outer tie, the robe also offers an inner tie, so the robe stays secure no matter how much you move around. The front of the robe also has two large pockets to keep your phone or warm your hands up in. For ultra cold nights, you can bring up the hood and settle in on a sea of fleece. Alternatively, thanks to the built-in hood, you can also attend your weekly cult meetings with the robe.

Keep Cool: Summer Luxurious Kimono Soft Satin Robe

MAGE MALE Men's Summer Luxurious Kimono Soft Satin Robe 


If you want to stay cool in the summer, the Mage Male Robe may be just what you’re looking for. It’s not your traditional robe, in that it doesn’t go all the way down to your ankles like most. Instead, it stops at your knee and is made of artificial silk, perfect for warm summer nights of lounging near the pool.

With such a short length for a robe, you’re probably wondering what would keep your bits from flying out. Easy. It comes with a matching pair of shorts, allowing you to wear the main robe open or closed.

This is also a good option if you want a bit more decorative type of robe, as there are many different styles it comes in, from simple black to brighter, kimono-like patterns.

Traditional, Lightweight Robe: U2SKIIN Mens Cotton Robe

U2SKIIN Mens Cotton Robe Lightweight Knit Bathrobe


If you’re looking for a more traditional robe that’s lightweight, the U2SKIIN Mens Cotton Robe is what you’re looking for. It keeps the classic style of a bathrobe with a knit that’s both comfortable and durable.

While many who buy this robe will more than like a post-shower or lounge robe, the Amazon description states that it can also be used for swimming or bathing. It’s a cotton robe, so it will remain fairly durable and can be machine washed. It also features what you’d expect a robe to: an inner tie on the inside, a larger outer tie, and two deep pockets.

If you’re still on the fence about this robe, simply check out the Amazon ratings for it and you’ll likely come up with an answer.

Best Luxury Robe: Cashmere Boutique: 100% Pure Cashmere Full Length Robe for Men

100% Pure Cashmere Full Length Robe for Men 


If money is no object, what better way to show that off than buying one of the best robes money can buy? The Cashmere Boutique’s 100% Pure Cashmere Full Length Robe for Men is the closest you’ll come to feel like you’re wearing nothing. Of course, the quality material is going to come at a steep price.

Outside of the Grade “A” 100% 4-ply Cashmere, this robe comes with your standard affair of features. That’s not a bad thing, either. The full-length robe offers a collar, two front pockets, and outer tie. Simply put, this is probably the most comfortable robe you’re going to find.