The Best Protective Phone Cases for Android and iPhone

Protect your phone from damage with these heavy-duty cases.

Unsplash / Hassan OUAJBIR

In a fast-paced world, your phone is not just your lifeline, it’s your connection to the latest news, emails, need-to-know work updates, navigation and more. As such, if you’ve ever been without your phone for even half a day, you’ve likely felt an immediate sense of isolation. Not only that, but present day smartphones aren’t just expensive to replace, they’re easily damaged by water, spills, shock and the ever-too-common cracked screen.

Instead of just dealing with your speakers that might not work so well from a freak spill at a restaurant—or shards of glass in your fingertips from a shattered screen—a protective case is the all-around more practical route. Previously, protective cases used to be these bulky, all-too-utilitarian monstrosities that while durable, don’t add much personality. Erase that preconceived notion and enter into the world of protective phone cases that are just as durable, but now sleeker, better-looking, and an essential for anyone who loves their phone.

Below, you’ll find the best cases for the most common Android and Apple smartphones.

The Ultra Affordable Shock-Proof Silicone Option for iPhone 11

Why We Picked It: Available in a fashion forward Light Blue, stylish Purple and a timeless all Black, this silicione iPhone case is perfectly compatible with the iPhone 11. It fits snugly, so that dust and debris can’t get in, guarantees it won’t slip off in the event it gets dropped and the silicone construction will absorb whatever shock occurs from the fall. Not only does the silicone absorb and prevent shock damage, but it provides excellent anti-slip grip to minimize dropping altogether. It’s thin enough to work seamlessly with wireless chargers, keeps all ports and buttons unobstructed for easy access and the raised front edges, referred to as a bumper, will further protect the front screen from damage.

The $20 Stylish Case with a Built-In Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9

Why We Picked It: Available in a stylish Marble finish as well as a Pink and Purple glitter finish, this snap-on protective phone case doesn’t just protect the back of your phone. It has a built-in front cover with cushioned corners to prevent both scratches and cracks. The back cover, unlike many comparable stylish cases, is fade resistant so it’ll stay looking good as new longer.

The Waterproof Case Designed to Fit the iPhone Plus

Why We Picked It: The draw is in the name. For a little bit more money than the aforementioned cases, this protective case protects against pretty much anything that could happen in life. Water and snow-proof up to two meters (6.6 feet) for up to an hour, this phone case includes a built-in scratch protector for your front screen, allows full access to all the necessary buttons and controls, allows for wired and wireless charging and can withstand falls from two meters. This case has been a best seller since it launched in 2014 and for good reason.

The Fan-Favorite 4.5 Star Otter Box Case for Galaxy S10

Why We Picked It: You want your case to be as utilitarian as possible and this phone case from Otter Box delivers. Though it does not have the built in screen protector of earlier models, this phone case has built in extra-large bumpers to protect your screen at all costs. It features multi-layer defense, meaning it has a solid inner shell and soft outer cover so that your phone is even more protected. The soft outer layer is soft rubber for easy-grip that never slips. Speaking of such, this case offers a built-in belt clip holster that doubles as a kickstand. Talk about multi-functional protection.