The Best Wireless Waterproof Headphones

Look for a water-resistance rating of IPX7 or IPX8.


If you’re looking for waterproof headphones, one of the most important details is the IP number. The higher the number, the more moisture the headphones can handle.

Headphones rated IPX7 are waterproof and can withstand a rinse-off or a dunking in the sink. Headphones with an IPX8 rating are fully waterproof and can be submerged in water that’s deeper than 3 feet.

Occasionally, you may see the X in that IP rating replaced by a number. That’s a good thing, because X holds the spot for a dustproof rating, and a higher number reflects more ability to withstand dirt.

Best for a Budget

Why We Picked It For just 20 bucks, these Letscom wireless earbuds provide you with an IPX7 rating, which means they can handle just about any moisture your workout can bring: rain, sweat, or a quick rinse. One charge gives you up to eight hours of playtime. You can control everything—play/pause, volume, answer calls, and activate Siri—all from the button on the earphones. They’re also super lightweight and noise-cancelling.

Best True Wireless

Why We Picked It These in-ear earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips so you can get the perfect seal in your ears. They are IPX8 rated, which means they can be submerged in over 3 feet of water. A single charge will give you up to 5 hours of playtime, but you can recharge them multiple times to get the playtime up to 20 hours. The Comeproof earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a strong connection for up to 50 feet, and you can set them up for auto pairing.

Best for Comfort

Why We Picked It Senso’s Bluetooth earphones have a IPX7 rating, so if you drip sweat on them or drop them in a puddle, no problem. They’re also designed for a comfortable and secure fit. The flexible, adjustable ear hooks are made to keep the headphones in place no matter how hard you’re running, and you get three sets of ear tips to customize the fit. The battery provides up to 8 hours of music playback and recharges in about 90 minutes. Comments on Amazon (there are thousands of them) really praise the bass on these earbuds.

Longest Playtime

Why We Picked It The TBI Pro wireless earbuds provide quality sound with a Qualcomm sound chip, and they stay connected up to 33 feet from your device. The charging case is light and portable, so you can take it with you, or you can recharge your earbuds five times and have 24 hours worth of sound at your fingertips. These earbuds are rated IPX8, so they can be submerged in water and keep working.