'Avengers Damage Control' VR trailer revives a dead MCU supervillain

Is he really back?


Marvel just released a thrilling new trailer for Avengers Damage Control, and it might just contain a huge clue about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The teaser for the virtual reality experience, which is coming to “select The VOID locations” on October 18, reassembles the Avengers in what looks like a post-Endgame world, only to bring back a supervillain who we thought was dead — and who might just be an even bigger threat than Thanos.

Ultron is back! Or, at least, that’s definitely what this Avengers Damage Control trailer seems to suggest. The video opens on Doctor Strange warning that “a powerful threat has resurfaced” as the camera pans across a mess of mysterious glowing wires leading to a creepy glowing device.

Is that ... Ultron?


“I sense that this force has been waiting,” he continues, “rebuilding its strength in secret, until now.”

From there, the trailer introduces a pair of “new recruits” that serve as the game’s protagonists and who apparently get trained by Spider-Man. Then, all of a sudden, we’re looking at a giant version of Ultron as tall as a skyscraper as he states (in what sounds a lot like James Spader’s voice), “You fail to see the big picture.”

That's definitely Ultron.


So is Ultron back? It sure looks like it, though there’s a decent chance this VR experience could revive the Avengers baddie only to kill him again. Then again, with Thanos out of the picture, Marvel needs another villain for the inevitable Avengers 5 movie. Could Ultron be it? Probably not, but after seeing this trailer, we wouldn’t necessarily bet against him either.

Ahead of Endgame’s release, plenty of fans speculated that Ultron could reappear in that movie. At the time, some theories speculated that Tony Stark could rebuild Ultron in an attempt to beat Thanos. So is it possible that Tony did just that as a backup plan before his death and never told anyone?

We’ll likely find out when Avengers Damage Control debuts later this month, bringing Marvel fans their first official “Avengers” experience in a post-Endgame MCU.

Avengers Damage Control releases on October 18 at selected VOID VR locations.