What Could Be Next for Apple Music? 

The changes Apple should announce to help its young, underwhelming streaming service.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images 

Apple Music could use help. The service that Apple rolled out earlier this year to compete with the likes of Spotify, Tidal, and FM radio is still stuck in growing pains. It has reportedly already lost half of the initial users. The user interface is clunky. Beats 1, while strong, could stand to be improved. Perhaps most important, the seemingly basic act of making a playlist is confusing as hell.

What could Apple possibly announce Wednesday to help the current service? With the speculation over Apple TV, an iPhone 7, and perhaps a bigger iPad, there could be room for something new in the music space. New Beats 1 programming would be nice to see as certain guests like Drake and OVO Sounds radio are certainly pulling a ton of weight, as other artists did a couple shows before disappearing off of the map.

There could also be some UI improvement, to make creating playlists simpler among various Apple products. It would also just be nice to see the basic iTunes interface Post-Apple Music be cleaned up. But again these are minor complaints and tweaks with the service. Apple is going to soon have to convince its users to start paying for the service when the free trial ends. Spotify and Tidal are eagerly awaiting to see how many users stick with Apple. Until we know the answer to that question, millions of music fans’ streaming dollars should be considered up for grabs. Now is the time for Apple to make a move to keep them locked in.

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