Danny Trejo Teases His Return to 'The Flash'

Trejo's Breacher could factor in to Cisco's retirement life.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Carlos Valdez, who plays S.T.A.R. Labs’ resident fanboy Cisco Ramon on The Flash, is not leaving in Season 6. He confirmed as much at San Diego Comic-Con in July. But Cisco is done being a superhero, opting for a normal life in the Season 5 finale. While he’s still around S.T.A.R. Labs, the possible return of Danny Trejo’s Breacher could factor in to Cisco’s retirement life.

Trejo, currently promoting his appearance in the Rob Zombie horror movie 3 From Hell, told Inverse this week he will be doing more with The Flash in the future.

The cult actor, who’s notably played villains and antiheroes over his career, also tells Inverse he’d be down for the crossover special “Crisis on Infinite Earths” on December 10, but it’s unknown if he has been contacted to appear in the special.

“They are so cool,” Trejo told Inverse about working on The CW superhero series. “Anytime you walk into a sitcom, everybody is family and look at me like an outsider. But they [The Flash] pull you in and all of a sudden you’re just family. They make you family. I’ll be doing The Flash more. TV is great, but it’s an everyday job.”

Trejo kept quiet on the full context of his return to the DC TV series, but we can make a few guesses based on traces of evidence from Season 5.

In Season 5, Cisco grew fatigued of being the superhero Vibe and began yearning for a “normal” life. Being on Team Flash is still very much Cisco’s bag, but when he’s off the clock, he wants to be just Cisco.

Jessica Camacho and Danny Trejo, as "Gypsy" and "Breacher," on 'The Flash.'

The CW

Cisco remains heartbroken over his break up with Gypsy, a “Collector” who is essentially a member of Multiverse law enforcement from Earth-19. The two attempted a long-dimensional relationship that began to crack over time. Gypsy’s father, Breacher (played by Danny Trejo), another Collector, retired to Earth-47 to start a dragon farm. Breacher offered Cisco to take his place, but Cisco passed as he had more work to do on Earth-1.

But that was then. Now, as Cisco has given up his powers, his reasons for staying with Team Flash on Earth-1 are vanishing by the minute.

Carlos Valdez, as "Cisco," on 'The Flash.'

The CW

Cisco could retire and take over Breacher’s place in the Collectors, which means Trejo would return to make a final appearance as Breacher to “hand off” his Collector duties to Cisco. But that would also mean restoring Cisco’s powers first before Earth-1. That seems counterproductive to Cisco’s desire for normalcy. But if Cisco is looking for a way out, hopping across dimensions is one way to go.

Carlos Valdez has already confirmed he’s staying on The Flash in Season 6, which means he’ll be around for the crossover. But after? Well, the possibilities, like the Multiverse, are wide open.

The Flash Season 6 will premiere October 8 on The CW.

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