3 Best Weightlifting Shoes

Improve your workout with the right footwear.


If you do any weightlifting as a workout, you really need weightlifting shoes. They have a raised heel that allows you to squat more deeply and improves your overall position as you lift weights, resulting in a better workout. Weightlifting shoes also provide a more stable base around and under your feet, which allows you to improve your performance and helps prevent injury.

The heel height on weightlifting shoes varies, with some having about a half inch of lift, and others three times as much. You want a shoe that fits snugly to provide the necessary support—laces and straps can give you options for the perfect fit.

For A Snug Fit

Why We Picked It The Adidas Powerlift 4 has a canvas upper that’s durable but comfortable. There’s a Velcro strap over the laces for a snug fit—just what you want in a weightlifting shoe. These shoes are narrow with a flexible toe design. The rubber sole is lightweight but gives you a solid base. The raised heels on these are on the lower side, less than ½ inch.

For The Best Heel Lift

Why We Picked It Nordic Lifting shoes are designed for men who work with heavy weights, including powerlifters, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. The heel on the Megin shoe is raised 1.4 inches, providing optimal lifting stability and improving your posture when lifting. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, and most customers find the shoes fit as expected, so order your regular size.

Great for Beginners

Why We Picked It Inov-8’s Fastlift 335 are a good choice for beginners, with a flexible design that’s lighter and less rigid than some weightlifting shoes. The raised heel eliminates ankle pain and helps you keep your knees in perfect position when doing squats. The soles are wide and flat to provide a good foundation, keeping you balanced with the pressure on your heels during squats.