Best Single-Serve Blenders

Hassle-free smoothies do exist. 


It’s more than likely that big clunky blenders have sabotaged fancy cooking and healthy diets everywhere at one point or another. I myself am guilty of nixing a recipe that called for me to drag out an 8lb blender and all of its merry men. The truth is I never thought of investing in a single-serve blender which makes considerably more sense. Personal blenders are lighter, more versatile and far less messy. Here are a few of the best single-serve blenders.

Ninja Fit Personal Blender

Although the power pod for the Ninja Fit personal blender is just the size of a small coffee cup, the Nina Fit packs a lot of power. The 700-watt power base has enough power to easily take on ice and tough veggies. The Ninja Fit package includes 2 16 oz cups, 2 sip and seal lids, and a 50 recipe cookbook.

Sboly Personal Blender

The Sboly blender is compact yet powerful. Its 300-watt motor allows you to make your favorite smoothies in 10 seconds. As an added bonus the blender cup doubles as a drinking cup, cutting down on the dishes you have to wash.

Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

The Hamilton Beach personal blender takes convenience to the next level. One-touch blending and a blending jar that also doubles as a travel mug is the pinnacle of convenience. Measuring lines on the cup allow you to create your own recipes without the hassle.

CHULUX Smoothie Bullet Blender Maker

The Chulux smoothie bullet blender is a powerful blender and coffee grinder rolled neatly into one package. The 1000 watt blender and stainless steel blades guarantee a smooth, consistent blend every time. Suction cups on the bottom of the unit guarantee that it will stay in place while in use. BPA free Tritan cups are durable and come with both storage lids and spout lid so you can take your smoothie on the go.

DOUHE Personal Smoothie Blender

The Douhe personal blender is one of the lighter personal blenders on the market, couple that with being cordless and rechargeable, this entire unit can go where you go. Stainless steel blades and a 150-watt motor bring out the best in your favorite smoothie time and again. Made out of durable borosilicate glass the blender cup is BPA free and dishwasher safe.