The 4 Best Cheap Humidifers Under $45

Breathe easier during the upcoming dry winter weather.


When you turn the heat on in your home, the furnace pumps out dry air that can irritate your throat, dry your skin and lips, and cause other health problems. A small humidifier might be the best solution for these problems. Many people use a humidifier in their bedroom to help them sleep more comfortably.

Many of the newest humidifiers use ultrasonic waves to create a fine mist that it sprays into the air, increasing the moisture level in the room. Ultrasonic humidifiers are quieter than other styles of humidifiers if you’ve had problems with noise in the past.

Some other features you might want in a humidifier include a larger tank so the machine can run longer and an easy-to-clean design. Some humidifiers double as diffusers for essential oils, allowing you to scent the air while you add humidity to it.

Best for Quiet

Why We Picked It The VicTsing humidifier is super quiet—only 28 dB, so there shouldn’t be any noises to keep you wake at night or disturb you during the day. The design includes a rotating nozzle to ensure that mist is distributed all around the room. With this size of a tank, you can run the humidifier for up to a day before it needs a refill. The water tank has a large opening so that you can refill it or clean it easily.

Best Run Time

Why We Picked It With the 5-liter tank on this Pallas humidifier, you can run it continuously for up to 90 hours on the lowest setting before you have to refill it. The adjustable 360-degree nozzle allows you to direct the mist to where you want it to go. The humidifier uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to atomize the water, with a fan spreading the water particles into the air. Pallas also uses an activated carbon cotton cartridge to filter out microorganisms and negative ions from the water, resulting in a healthier mist.

Best for Aromatherapy

Why We Picked It In addition to the 4.5-liter tank that allows this Levoit cool mist humidifier to run for up to 40 hours, you can use the machine for aromatherapy. The humidifier has a tray where you can add essential oils to distribute a pleasant scent in your home. (Be sure to keep the essential oils in the intended tray, not in the water tank). The humidifier automatically shuts off when the water level is too low, and the ultrasonic design means it’s quiet when it’s running.

Best Optional Night Light

Why We Picked It The Pure Enrichment MistAire ultrasonic cool mist humidifier has easy settings that allow you to adjust the mist direction and speed to what’s best for the room. The 1.5-liter tank holds enough water to easily get you through a night or day—up to 16 hours on the high setting. The MistAire also offers the option of using it as a night light, giving off a soothing glow in a dark room. The humidifier is easy to fill, and it comes with a handy special brush for quick cleaning of the ultrasonic disk.

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