Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers (Other Than a Bourbon)

Whiskey lovers are in a class all their own -- treat them like it with a special gift. 


The burn of a good whiskey is unlike any other. Full bodied flavors that range from smoky to rich, a beautiful amber color, whiskey has to be one of the classiest things you can drink. And whiskey lovers know it. To honor their delightful drink choice, gift them something only the funniest and finest whiskey lovers will appreciate. From gorgeous decanters to unique glasses, we’ve rounded up five foolproof gifts that work for the holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. Bottoms up!

LEEBS Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Any whiskey drinker worth their salt knows that a watered down glass should just be poured down the sink. This gift set has not only gorgeous packaging, but two large crystal drinking glasses, tongs, and eightgranite chilling rocks. This way whiskey can be enjoyed cold — without being tainted by ice cubes that’ll simple water down the drink.

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

Even the most seasoned whiskey lover will appreciate this book. Inside, they’ll learn all whiskey (and whisky) has to offer, different flavor profiles, and histories of their favorite liquor. Plus, the cover is gorgeous and will look badass on their home bar.

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

This handblown, etched decanter is the epitome of elegance. Pair it with a bottle of their favorite, and this is a solid gift for any occasion. The decanter itself has a vintage-looking ship etched onto it, and comes with two drinking glasses with a globe pattern adorning it. They’ll feel like a top-level CEO (or Bond villain) with this on their desk or bar cart.

REFINERY and CO Miniature Wood Whiskey Barrel

Perhaps your beloved whiskey aficionado is more rugged than buttoned up. This mini barrel is the perfect for anyone down with the rustic look, and is the optimal way to store barrel aged whiskey. You can even inspire them to use their new gift to infuse their whiskey with herbs and spices for their own signature blend.