The Best White Noise And Sound Machines 2019

Block out irritating noises so you can sleep or concentrate


The world is a noisy place. Whether you’re surrounded by traffic noises, loud neighbors, construction, or just the creaking sounds of a building settling, the noises can interrupt your sleep and your concentration.

One of the best antidotes to noise is, well, noise. Not more honking horns or barking dogs, but a quiet soothing noise that helps eliminate distractions. The best way to get those soothing noises is with a white noise sound machine that lets you control the sounds and the volume.

You can use white noise machines in the bedroom to help you sleep, but they are also useful during the day in the office or wherever you need a little quiet so you can concentrate and be productive.

Best for Sound Settings

Why We Picked It With this machine, you can select from 10 fan sounds or 10 ambient noise variations. The LectroFan creates unique, non-repeating sounds digitally. You can also precisely adjust the volume to exactly what works for you. Use a USB or regular power cord.

Best Fan-Based Sounds

Why We Picked It Many people use fans to create white noise, and the concept behind the Marpac Dohm Classic was based on the idea of creating fan noises without the air movement that bothers some people. The simple design of this machine gives you two volume options—use the high setting if you’re in a particularly noisy environment. You can also adjust the pitch to a sound that’s pleasing to your ears, and the machine doesn’t use looping so there are no repeating sounds to distract you.

Preferred for Portability

Why We Picked It If you like to fall asleep to nature sounds, like a babbling brook, this machine has your number. In addition to white noise, you can select environmental sounds like ocean, rain, or summer night. In all, the Homedics white noise machine has six digitally recorded sounds. This budget-priced white noise machine is a great choice if you want it for travel. It’s compact and lightweight, and you can run it with batteries as well as through a wall outlet.

Best for Sound Choices

Why We Picked It The Vanzon white noise machine has a menu of 36 sounds, so you’re bound to find something that works for you. Options include 11 fan sounds, 7 white noises, and 18 nature sounds, like birds, waves, and a stream. It works with an ear phone so it won’t disturb your sleep partner. This machine also has a timer that shuts it off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes, and it automatically remembers your previous sound, volume, and timer settings.

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