The 3 Best Whole House Water Filtration Systems for Every Budget

Upgrade your home's water quality with one of these whole house filtration systems.

Unsplash / Steve Johnson

Have you ever tried to take a bubble bath—and no matter how much soap you added to the water, it still never bubbled? Have you tried to drink your home’s tap water only to find yourself turned off by a certain metallic after taste? Do your dishes have a chalky residue that never seems to go away even after several washes? If this is the case, you might have hard water, and this might be cause in and of itself to look into whole house water filtration.

You may have subscribed to a water delivery service for a water cooler or you may find yourself purchasing gallons of distilled or filtered water for watering your plants, but the one thing most American households do in excess is buy cases of bottled water that they then go through with reckless abandon. Chances are, your fridge already has some kind of water filtration system. Whether it has a built-in water dispensing hook up or you keep a Brita inside, you’ve likely already tasted the benefits of filtered water. And it’s why you tend to gravitate towards bottled water anyway.

But what if you didn’t have to? What if you were able to get a whole house water filtration system that delivered great-tasting water from every source of water in your house from the kitchen sink to the hose out back? You can. These are the three best whole house water filtration systems available on Amazon for every kind of budget.

The Best Under-$100 Option

Available in a Standard and Heavy Duty option, this Culligan water filter comes with everything you need to install it including a WR-HD housing wrench, mounting bracket, filter life monitor and battery monitor so that you can ensure that there is no guess work involved in bringing great tasting water to your life. Designed to extend the life of your appliances—and let’s face it, they’re not cheap—this is the ideal affordable option for residential homes. It’s also Amazon’s pick of all the available water filtration options on the site.

The Best Choice In The $250 Range

Rocking a solid 4.5 stars from 128 customers, this whole house water filtration system uses two stages to remove sediment, odor, and other contaminants in your water without removing dissolved beneficial minerals—unlike many comparable systems. It comes with everything you need to confidently install it yourself. Andif you’re interested in expanding the breadth of what your water filter can do, iSpring has several upgrades available at higher price points for removing iron, manganese, and lead.

For the Person Without A Budget

At the price point of most people’s mortgages and rent payments, this whole house water filtration system from Aquasana is for sure an investment item. But with easy maintenance that extends only as far as changing the filters every 3 months and up to 10 years of guaranteed use, you really can’t go wrong with this long lasting and cost-efficient water filtration option. Unlike comparable systems, this whole house water filtration system is salt free and instead uses Carbon and KDF filtration media combined with Scale Control Media to keep your appliances scale-free and your water tasting its best.