Try Philo Streaming Free for 7 Days, No Credit Card Required, & No Gimmicks

Philo costs just $20 a month, but you can try it for free with just your phone #.


We’ve all heard about the growing tendency towards cord-cutting among TV watchers, as more and more people decide they don’t need a cable subscription with the plethora of online streaming options out there. And why not? Cable companies are a huge pain, and they tend to charge an arm and a leg for access to their precious channels. There are two key factors keeping people from going online all the time, though: live TV, and DVR capabilities. And you can get both with a subscription to Philo, which costs just $20 a month.

Start Your Free Philo 7-Day Trial Without a Credit Card

Philo has a strong lineup of channels available to be streamed from almost any device, live just like you can watch with a cable subscription. A&E, Nickelodeon, BET, Comedy Central, the Food Network, and many more are among them, and you can record anything you want on all of them, stored and ready for you to watch at your leisure for up to 30 days. And they’re all available in an inexpensive and hassle-free form that seeks to give users all the benefit of cable without any of the usual annoyances.

The promise of a monthly fee of only $20 is probably enough to get most people sick of paying three or four times that much to their cable companies to give Philo a try, but maybe you’re not ready to commit just yet. Of course, unlike many cable plans, Philo doesn’t require any long-term commitment at all, but it has a pretty cool free trial offer for you to take advantage of too. Unlike most free weeks in the streaming world, all you need to get started is a phone number, and you only have to give your credit card number a couple days into the free trial. By then, there’s a very strong possibility that you’ll be ready to sign on for real.

$20 a Month, No Contracts or Obligation

Philo is compatible with most of the devices you already use to watch TV, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple, Roku TV, and Android devices, and one account can be shared on up to three devices, either in your home or on the go.

So if you’re ready to see if Philo is right for your live TV viewing purposes, head over to their official site here and get started on that free week of TV — and remember, you don’t even have to give them a credit card to get started.

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