3 Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makers

You can add a creamy froth to your beverages at home


Infusing iced coffee with nitrogen results in a creamy, frothy beverage that doesn’t require creamer. These drinks look pretty cool—kind of like a Guinness—but it’s just coffee and nitrogen. Most people love them for the velvety-smooth texture, but they do have the added benefit of no dairy or sugar, so they are also low-cal.

You can pick a nitro cold brew up at your favorite coffee shop or in a can at the grocery store. But they cost more than a regular coffee, so if you really like the idea of nitro cold brew coffee, you might consider making them at home. Several nitro cold brew coffee makers are available.

The Best Choice For Larger Batches

Why We Chose It The Royal Brew is modeled after the system used to dispense stout beers. By using that technology, you get a rich, foamy top and super-smooth iced coffee that won’t need added creamer. With this nitro cold brew system, you can use either nitrous oxide cartridges or nitrogen cartridges—nitrous oxide is recommended because it creates a cool cascading foam. The kit includes the 64-ounce keg with coffee spear and pressure-relieving value, the creamer faucet, cartridge holder, and a special wrench for installing and removing the faucets.

The Perfect Pick For Portability

Why We Chose It The NitroPress makes your nitro iced coffee in three easy steps: add ice and coffee to the canister, insert the nitro into the cartridge holder, then shake and dispense. This system is compact and easy to take with you when you want to play barista for your friends. The NitroPress works with any drink you want to add some froth to. The manufacturer recommends using pure nitrogen cartridges, which produce microbubbles and a smooth, velvety drink.

The Best Budget-Friendly Option

Why We Chose It This is a budget-friendly way to start making your own nitro cold-brew coffee. The Nitro Coffee Kit comes with all the supplies you need, including a 1-pint dispenser, nitro tips designed for coffee and beer, whipped cream tips, and nitrogen chargers. Each charge produces up to one pint of creamy, frothy beverage—whether that’s iced coffee or beer.