King Cobra on the Loose in Orlando, Slithers Into Your DMs

The cobra was thinking about going to Disney World, but can't believe the ticket prices.

Ryan Somma/Flickr

It’s officially the Summer of Escaped Wild Animals. A lion spent a week roaming around Milwaukee in July. Now, an eight-foot-long, privately-owned king cobra is slithering its way through Orlando, Florida, according to USA Today. But don’t worry if you’re a snake owner — they hand you a dangerous animal to rear when you get your Florida driver’s license — since the cobra is a “snake hunter,” all other venomous snakes are safely caged and accounted for. Lil’ Bitey will live another day!

Naturally, if something horrifying potentially catastrophic is happening, people are gonna make fun of it on Twitter.

A loose king cobra is no laughing matter. It’s also a promotional tool.

If you’re in Orlando, please stay home and stay safe. If you’re anywhere else, get on Twitter and contribute to the deluge.

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