4 T-Shirts Only Pizza Lovers Can Appreciate

This is the best kind of pizza to get all over your shirt. 


Loving pizza isn’t just a food preference… it’s a way of live life. True pizza lovers know that there is, in fact, a wrong way to enjoy pizza. Just ask a passionate pizza lover if he folds his slice, if New York style is the best, or if pineapple belongs on a pie, and they’ll undoubtedly fire off the “right” opinion. To prove your dedication and rep your pizza pride, try on one of these t-shirts for size. Wearing one of these while defending (or damning) Chicago-style will definitely give you more authority.

Toy Story Pizza Planet Delivery Adult Heather Red T-Shirt


Pizza Planet is not just a reference to a beloved pie, it’s a nod to Disney fans as well. Toy Story enthusiasts will easily recognize this as the spot Woody and Buzz get lost in on their epic adventure back to Andy. You have to admit, it’s a pretty perfect name for a pizza joint, and makes for a deliciously nerdy shirt.

Awesome Pizza in a Pocket T-Shirt


Listen, if it were actually socially acceptable to put a pizza in your pocket, you know you’d do it. Since society has yet to get on your level, this shirt will have to do. And if black isn’t your deal, don’t fret, it comes in four other colors, so you and your little pizza buddy can match to anything you already own.

M MOLOKAI SURF Official Molokai Button Up Slim Fit Hawaiian Short Sleeve Shirts


Perhaps you need to make your pizza obsession known around the office? This button down is oozing cheesy pizza slices, but from far away just looks like any old regular geometric print. Undoubtedly wearing this out and about will garner you some attention, and at the very least will get you some interesting conversation.

How I Cut Carbs Funny Pizza Cutter T-Shirt


Sometimes subtlety is best, and this shirt has that—and a bit of wit to boot. I particularly love the simplicity of it, and the gentle reminder it give gives to shut down diet talk and just enjoy a damn slice.

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