This Is The Perfect Bed for Anyone Who Sleeps Hot and Hates Waking Up Sweaty

A mattress so breathable you'll finally wake up without sweaty sheets

Air Weave

A good night’s sleep is priceless. There’s nothing that quite compares to that feeling of waking up when you’ve slept deeply the night before and feel well rested and energized. Of course, everyone has different needs and quirks to help them fall asleep, like, for example, two, three or four pillows, or the right mattress.

If you are the kind of person who sleeps hot and wakes up sweaty, there’s a mattress specifically designed to help you sleep soundly, too. The Airweave Mattress, designed by a company appropriately named Air Weave, keeps you cool at night so that you can actually wake up feeling refreshed—without damp sheets.

The Airweave Mattress is made of an unlikely material: the resin fiber used to create fishing line. The company is based in Japan and was founded by Motokuni Takaoka who took over a family’s fishing line company and has a background in engineering.

What’s great about this mattress is that you won’t have that sinking feeling you get when you lie on a memory foam mattress. Instead you’ll feel more like you’re floating. It won’t be as cumbersome to toss and turn, and you’ll be able to sink into a deeper restful state. Because of the added firmness, people have said it’s very supportive on their lower back and doesn’t cause pain waking up. “Normally, it might take me a couple of days to get rid of minor soreness, but when I woke up from my deep sleep with airweave, I was pain free and ready to go,” one reviewer said. 

Airfiber, which is Air Weave’s proprietary technology, is also one of the most firm materials out there for mattresses, more firm than spring mattresses. Here is another really cool benefit of this mattress: it’s probably the most easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the cover, which you can machine wash, and you’re left with the airfiber core, which you can rinse with water.

The queen size mattress costs $1,390, and comes with a 100 night trial.