Nintendo Switch Online August Games: Best 6 Titles to Play This Month

And a quick look at what's new.

Since Nintendo Switch Online debuted in September 2018, it’s included free access to a growing catalogue of class NES games, with two or three getting added each month. For anyone who already pays the monthly fee for online multiplayer, which NES games are the best to try from this list?

New titles are added to the library around the middle of each month. In July, Nintendo introduced Wrecking Crew and Donkey Kong 3. On August 9, Nintendo announced via a tweet that the company would add Vice: Project Doom and Kung-Fu Heroes to the list as part of the August 21 update to Nintendo Switch Online.

This growing lineup of NES games has plenty of great titles on it, but here are the six best games to try this August with special focus given to what’s new and, more importantly, best.

Check out those weird dinosaur-bug-birds!


6. Vice: Project Doom

Whereas August’s other title, Kung-Fu Heroes, is widely panned for being overly challenging and totally confusing, Vice: Project Doom comes in at number 47 on IGN’s top 100 list of NES games. This multi-genre action game has varied level design, exciting gameplay, and a compelling story of a secret alien invasion that gets humanity addicted to a dangerous drug. You play as the badass cop who has to unravel the mystery and save the day.

Use the pills to destroy the viruses!


5. Dr. Mario

Mario might not have a legitimate Ph.D., but for some reason he’s slinging pills in this odd game that feels like a Candy Crush and Tetris crossover that involves a bit more strategy. Each pill has a color on either side. It’s up to the player to create combos by lining up similar colors in order to eradicate the viruses that emerge in the playable area.

For anyone with even a passing interest in Tetris, this game offers a fun alternative that has an enjoyable multiplayer component to keep things interesting and a really enjoyable soundtrack.

Grab your best bud so you can both punch and kick your way through this adventure.


4. Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Regarded by some as the best entry in a long list of games in this action side-scrolling adventure series, Double Dragon II: The Revenge capitalizes on the obvious gaming feature that defines the series: double dragon focuses on two-player co-op in a side-scrolling action-adventure.

You get to kick, you get to punch, and you even get to do a ridiculous helicopter kick against your enemies.

The original 'Metroid'.


3. Metroid

There’s a reason Samus Aran has such a prominent place as a starter in the Super Smash Bros. roster, and it’s because despite being a lesser-known Nintendo icon, she’s still the protagonist of the widely adored Metroid franchise. You control the galactic bounty hunter with her interesting kit of sci-fi weapons abilities on a mission to eradicate Metroids on a far-off planet.

Metroid established a unique gameplay format that gives the player a fair challenge. There are no maps or gameplay tips, and only through trial and error does the player figure out what to do next. Advancement feels earned over time, making a Metroid completion a source of pride for many a gamer.

Zelda games sure have changed a lot.


2. The Legend of Zelda

When the original Legend of Zelda was released in 1987, it was long before the internet era where you can Google any stupid question you might have when getting stuck in a game. Instead, players were thrust into a puzzle-solving action RPG with a huge overworld, unique enemies to face, and a compelling narrative about saving a princess named Zelda.

Thankfully, this is your chance to finally beat The Legend of Zelda with Google’s help now that it’s available on Nintendo Switch.

AKA, "The One Where Mario Becomes a Raccoon."


1. Super Mario Bros. 3

Many early era Mario games play almost exactly the same, but Super Mario Bros. 3 is perhaps the first that truly expanded what these games could do. Not only was this the single most hyped game for the NES, but it delivered with varied level design, colorful environments, and fun new controls via the Super Leaf and Tanooki Suits.

A true must-play for gamers of all ages, downloading Super Mario Bros. 3 feels like a necessity for anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

For a full list of all current titles, head over to the official Nintendo Switch Online page.

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