This Is What a Smart Home Is and These Are the Items You Need to Make One Happen

(And it won't break the bank)


The term “smart” has undergone a dynamic—and sort of comical—change in association. What was historically an adjective to describe someone or something intelligent, clever, or thoughtful has been co-opted by the tech era of the 21st century.

In the present day, we associate the word “smart” with any gadget or device that can adapt to your lifestyle or personality and facilitate or enhance understanding and enjoyment of both of them. You see this with your smartphone, smart T.V., and recently, smart homes. So if we apply the most recent definition of “smart” to a home, it refers to a living space that is able to enhance the convenience in your day-to-day life at home by enabling advanced technologies.

It sounds confusing and expensive, but building a smart home is a lot easier and more affordable than people tend to think. Not only are there multiple options on an increasingly popular market, but they tend to integrate across your devices, meaning one home product can go a long way.

But at Inverse, we get it; it’s tough to figure it out on your own. That’s why our team put together the perfect smart home starter kit for those of your whop want to make your home “smart,” but have no clue where to begin. Read ahead for the simplest and most essential items to kickstart your smart home.

Ring Doorbell

This is the Ring, and it’s perfect for those who are serious about advanced security. Comes in multiple kit options with different piece quantities for motion-activated security. All pieces sync to the Ring app, where you can see motion-activated areas on your smartphone. The option of 24/7 professional monitoring. Works with Amazon Alexa. Easy set up with no installation hassle (no tools or invasive construction).

Amazon Alexa

You shouldn’t be surprised. Packing strong voice control abilities, with the Alexa, you can make phone calls and stream music from Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Sirius XM, and other services with one simple voice command. More sophisticated abilities give you total control over your home, allowing you to dim the lights, set alarms, and turn on music and so much more.

LG Ultra HD TV

You’ve heard about these bad boys all your life, and now it’s time to go for one. A fan-favorite, it has literally been deemed “LG’s best LED TV” ever. As a smart TV, it is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible so you’ll be able to control what you’re watching with a simple voice command. It is even armed with Dolby sound technology to deliver crisp and clear audio.

Philips Hue White E26 A19 4-pack

A top ranked pack of 4 bulbs, The Philips Hue White is also a “good kit for those who are just starting to explore the world of smart devices.’’ It is controlled via Smartphone app, which allows you to dim and adjust the lights without any installation. An Amazon Alexa compatible device, you can set alarms and other life schedules through voice commands. It does require the Philips Hue bridge, which is basically the central operating system that allows you to connect your smart devices to your smart lights. The perfect stepping stone.

Monoprice Smart Home Starter Kit

An Inverse favorite, meet Monoprice. Monoprice’s Smart Home Starter Kit comes with Smart LED Dimmable Light Bulb, Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, and three safety sensors: the Door/Window Sensor, Motion & Vibration Sensor, and Water Sensor. What makes Monoprice’s starter kit so great is the fact that all of these gadgets are compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets, plus Android devices too. This means there is no external hub or gateway required—just setup in your home and go.

USB Table Lamp

As an owner of USB-capable furniture, there is nothing more convenient you can have as you are kicking back after a long day. From brand Aooshine, the USB table lamps are meant to illuminate your space and charge your device. The secret lies in the base of the lamp, which has two 5V/2A USB ports installed for optimal charging. They are compatible for multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, Kindles, iPad, and iPhone. With a 1-year warranty and gentle shade for eye protection, there is no reason to not own one.