Protect Your Credit Card When Making Purchases With These Instant Burner Cards

It's easier than you think

Google Images/Abine Blur

Like most millennials, I love a good online shopping spree. There seem to be no downsides; stay in bed, browse stress-free online, add to cart, get free shipping, and hooray! Right to your door in under a week. Easy. It is this simple and convenient process that has permanently changed the retail experience and, by extension, our economy.

Unfortunately, there is a downside, one that most people overlook. No, not missing packages or damaged goods. I’m talking about a threat that occurs when you type in your credit or debit card info into the online checkout. This final step in online purchases is the new hot destination for hackers to seize your data—and your cash.

This day in age, there is a solution to this. Remember burner phones, the temporary, disposable cell phones that let you hide your identity back in the day? There’s a credit card for that now. Meet Abine Blur, your burner online credit card.

A disposable digital credit card seems like a tricky concept, but it’s fairly simple. Think of Abine Blur as a VPN, but for when you shop. It’s encryption technology successfully masks your credit card number, email, phone number, and any other compromising information that might leak when you make an online purchase. This action creates a temporary card you sync to your actual card, creating a ‘burner card’, that only exists on your Abine Blur account. These are also called Masked Cards (copyright Abine Blur).

So for every virtual purchase you can create a new burner credit card number for maximum identity protection. MAll Blur Masked Cards have a pre-installed limit, so there’s no risk of hidden charges popping up on your bank statement. Blur also lets you sync its features across all your devices, and only profits off of users with the Premium feature, as in, they don’t sell your data to third party retailers, a huge cyber security problem. Total protection, total peace of mind.

Happy shopping!