Sleep Hot? Stay Cool With This Amazing Invention

Waking up sweaty in the middle of the night is no fun. You've tried everything but nothing seems to work. If you're tired of the sweating, try this instead.

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There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling sweaty and gross. Your sheets are sticking to you, you’re uncomfortable, and there goes any hope of getting a good night’s sleep. You’ve bought the cooling gel mattress topper, you have the air conditioner set to freezing, but nothing seems to work. But what if there was a way to stay cool through the night and wake up comfortable and well-rested?

The Dual Zone BedJet


The BedJet

In its simplest form, the BedJet is a climate control machine that works specifically for your bed. The Bluetooth enabled device also features acoustic dampening so that your sleep won’t be interrupted. It works by connecting it to your bedding via a nozzle. It sends cool, warm, or hot air through your bedding to help you achieve the perfect temperature for a restful night’s sleep.

How to use it

The BedJet comes with an RF remote to operate the climate control machine which sits under your bed, an adjustable bracket that slips under your mattress to hold the nozzle, and a nozzle that vents air from the BedJet into your bedding. The nozzle attaches to your sheets or the 100% cotton AirComfort Cloud Sheet from BedJet (sold separately). Installation is quick and takes less than five minutes to complete. But you can also use the BedJet smartphone app which will allow you to control the machine via Bluetooth through your iPhone or Android device.

Dual-zone vs single-zone

It’s pretty unlikely that two people sleeping in the same bed will both prefer the same sleeping temperature. With a single zone system (using just one BedJet device), the entire bed will be set to a particular temperature with no options of changing it for another sleeper. But if you and your partner find yourselves fighting over temperatures, then you should consider upgrading to a dual-zone system. To do so, you can purchase an additional BedJet and the dual comfort AirComfort Cloud Sheet.

The sheet is designed with two specific openings on opposite sides for each of the BedJet nozzles to attach. This way, each person has their climate-controlled region on the bed. You can also buy a dual-zone BedJet system which comes standard with two BedJets and a dual-zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet. The dual-zone system will fit queen, king and split king mattresses.

BedJet 3 Climate Control System


The scientific proof

In a recent 2018 study led by medical doctors, the research proved that respondents who used the BedJet experienced better sleep than those who didn’t. Specifically, the results proved that:

  1. 94% fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer and were less likely to wake up during their sleep than those who didn’t use BedJet.
  2. 89% were more alert and had improved function during the day while also reporting less fatigue.
  3. Specifically for menopausal women, 85% experienced significant relief from night sweats and hot flashes.

Good to know:

  1. The BedJet is a low maintenance machine that needs nothing more than to have the lifetime air filter periodically cleaned. For best results, it’s recommended that you clean it every three months.
  2. The climate control system was designed by Mark Aramli, a former NASA spacesuit engineer.
  3. If your partner is perfectly fine with the regular room temperature but you need the BedJet, you can use a single zone unit to only control half of the bed by purchasing a dual-zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet.
  4. You can also add aromatherapy essential oils to your BedJet to help freshen sheets as it cools or warms you.

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