Best Hemp Oil for Dogs? Try These 3 Brands

Keep man's best friend nice and chill. 


Our dogs are our favorite sidekicks. In the face of true danger, most of us wouldn’t doubt our pup would valiantly defend us — bu even those brave little buggers get scared. Whether it is a ride to the vet or the cruel litany of summer fireworks they are made to endure, a lot of things can spike a dog’s anxiety. To help them calm down, many people are turning to CBD hemp oil which is said to help them destress and remain calm. After consulting with your veterinarian, if you suspect CBD is right for your pup, these three oils are beloved by furry owners everywhere.

1. Pawfectchow Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs


These chewy, tasty treats are infused with organic hemp oil, designed to reduce anxiety and and ease them into a calmer stupor. Reviewers say that this treat helps their pups manage everything from thunderstorms to fireworks a little better, without leaving them in totally lethargic state.

2. Serenity Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats - Grown & Made in USA


Fear and anxiety aren’t the only uses for hemp oil. For older dogs dealing with arthritis, pain, and joint issues, many owners turn to Serenity Hemp to keep their dogs comfortable. A few drops will help your pup sleep comfortably, and will definitely have them believing being man’s best friend is totally worth it.

3. HempCares Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats


Veterinarians and owners alike are all about this oil. Made from all natural ingredients, this cheap and effective oil has over 250 people who love it. There have even been cases where owners claimed it help with their pet’s IBD and seizures.

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