Uber Box Is a Home STD Test That’s Simple, Painless, Convenient, & Private

You’re Officially Out Of Excuses For Not Getting Yourself Checked Now That Uber Box Is Here

Sexually transmitted diseases are no joke, and recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control suggest that they’re on the rise all throughout the USA. Gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia are seeing particular highs, and the hard truth is that some 50 percent of sexually active Americans are statistically sure to catch something before their 25th birthdays. The numbers all add up to one basic fact: There’s no reason not to get checked for STDs, and that’s even more true with the Uber Box home STD test by myLab, which makes the process of getting tested simpler and more private than ever before.

One of the main factors preventing people from getting tested, even if they know they should, is basic embarrassment over going to see a doctor (in addition to all the myriad other reasons a person might not want to make an appointment at a busy clinic on their day off). But with Uber Box, the only appointment you need to make is with yourself in your own home, and you can get tested even if you’re not showing symptoms — which doctors recommend doing, by the way.

Uber Box Home STD Test Kit

The myLab Uber Box is a comprehensive testing kit that covers all the usual STD suspects: HIV I, HIV II, Hepatitis C, Herpes Simplex Type II, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis. The test consists of a urine sample or vaginal swab, as well as a purportedly painless blood collection test. It includes postage to mail your samples back to the lab, after which time you can see your results online. It’s easy, convenient, confidential, and discreet - and it throws your excuses for procrastinating on this important medical precaution go out the window.

When you order The Uber Box home STD test, it arrives in 2-3 business days in discreet, nondescript packaging. Then, it takes just five minutes to complete the testing process. Once you send the kit back, it’ll take another 3-5 days for your results to be available online. No clinic appointments, no doctor’s visits, no embarrassment, and no hours spent in a waiting room. The whole thing could be done with in as little as five days from the moment your buy your kit.

Then, ideally, you’ll know for sure that you’re STD free, But even if your test results come up positive, the benefits of Uber Box don’t end there. The myLab Uber Box also comes with a free medical consultation for any necessary treatments, with an actual doctor who can prescribe the medicine you need.

Nobody likes to get checked for STDs, but it’s a necessary part of being a responsible, sexually active citizen. And the myLab Uber Box is the easiest way possible to get it done. So head over to the myLab online store here and get started right now.

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