The Best Way To Purify Your Home's Drinking Water

Stop throwing your plastic water bottles into the plastic islands. Get one of these filters instead.

Unsplash / Clint McKoy

How clean is the water that comes out of your faucets? Not?

If you buy bottled water to drink instead, let me share a few pertinent facts.

The FDA regulates bottled water. But the standards they apply are more lax than the standards the EPA applies to municipal water. So there’s a good chance your faucet water is cleaner.

We produce 300 million tons of plastic waste every year — most of it for single-use purposes like this. Very little of that plastic is actually recycled. Most of it ends up in giant plastic islands in the ocean where it kills sea life and is horrific.

Ninety percent of sea birds have plastic in their stomach.

Also? It’s expensive to buy bottled water. Sure, it’s cheap enough in small increments — a dollar here, $12 there — but if you take the time to add up what you spend, it’s likely that it will easily pay for a more intelligent solution.

Filtering your water is a much better plan. Cheaper for you. Better for the planet. Definitely better for the sea birds.

Check out some of the options at Aquasana. They have everything you need to fix your water problem.



The combination of reverse osmosis and a Claryum filter gets rid of almost all the contaminants in water. It’s easy, too. Since the faucet is right at the sink so you just fill a glass (or you metal water bottle) right there.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers can be painfully expensive — often upwards of $400. But this system, though it does require some installation, is on sale for only $187.



That water filtering jug you got at the super market drove you crazy until you finally threw it out and went back to bottled water, right?

Here’s why: It used gravity to slowly drip water over a charcoal filter. That’s slow. So when you want a drink, it was always empty unless someone obsessively fills it.

The Clean Water Machine uses power to force the water through a good filter. That’s fast. So when you want water, you can have it.

If you aren’t ready to install anything under the sink, this is a great way to get started on fixing your water problem until you are ready for an under-sink filter or a whole house filter.



This one is a great compromise between a jug filter and an under the sink filter. You attach it to your faucet and set it next to the sink. It does all the filling of water so all you have to do is fill your glass. Also? No installation. And it filters out lots of bad stuff, including the heavy metals and pharmaceuticals that have been making it into our drinking water of late.