Indestructible Shoes Are Steel-Toe Boots With a Stylish Sneaker Exterior

Indestructible Shoes offer style and security for your feet.

Most people would love to wear sneakers all the time. And in fact, given the way fashion has evolved over the last 50 years, most people can. Today sneakers are socially acceptable in almost every setting, from banks and offices to schools and hospitals. Pretty much the only time you can’t wear sneakers is when you need more durable shoes that actually protect your feet. But now even that is changing thanks to the folks at Indestructible Shoes.

While traditional sneakers are light, comfortable, and stylish, they aren’t very tough, and they provide almost no protection from anything. For that reason they’re not well-suited for vigorous activity in the great outdoors, let alone a physically demanding workplace where your toes might get crushed by heavy machinery.

That’s where Indestructible Shoes come in. They make shoes that have all the features you would expect in a high-end work book, including steel toes, skid-proof grips, shock-absorption technology, anti-puncture heels, electric shock insulation, and ultra durable materials. However, they don’t look like work boots. They look like sneakers.

For anybody who wears work boots on a regular basis, whether it’s for a living or simply to do work around the house, that probably sounds too good to be true. But it’s not. And right now Indestructible Shoes has some pretty insane deals off their most popular shoes.

Take a look.

Ryder Grey

Simply put, the Ryder is one of the most revolutionary shoes ever made. It features a modern no-tie lacing system, and the stylish upper is made from moisture-wicking fly mesh made of military grade kevlar, allowing for maximum airflow and breathability to reduce sweat and odor. With cushioned midsoles and anti-slip rubber grips, the Ryder is also insanely flexible and comfortable. However, it still features a protective steel toe cap and an anti-puncture steel midsole, meaning your feet are fully protected.

The Ryder Grey normally goes for $160, which is an extremely reasonable price. However, for a limited time you can get them for just $79, which is a full 44 percent off.

Good luck finding something like this at your local Foot Locker.

Zero Grey

The Zero looks like a contemporary running shoe. However, underneath the stylish exterior lies the heart and soul of a work shoe. With a protective steel toe cap, anti-slip rubber sole, anti-shock rubber midsole, and anti-puncture steel midsole, the Zero can stand up to absolutely anything you throw at it, whether that’s a hard day’s work or a night on the town.

The Zero Grey normally goes for $160. However, right now you can get them for just $69.

Reef Green

Looking for something a little less inconspicuous? Try the Reef in neon green. Like other Indestructible Shoes, the Reef’s stylish exterior masks an extremely durable and practical work boot underneath. Skid-proof, shock-proof, and puncture-proof, the Reef shoe will make an impression on others while making sure nothing makes an impression on you.

The Reef Green normally goes for $160. But right now it’s on sale for only $89.

Normally, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that can take a beating, you have to choose between style and function. But that’s not the case anymore thanks to Indestructible Shoes. So don’t wait. Take advantage of the amazing deals we just mentioned and buy yourself the most stylish work shoes you’ve ever seen.

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